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September 06, 2016 01:00 ET

Diet Doc's Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss Programs More Effective Than Military Diet

GREENWOOD, MS--(Marketwired - September 06, 2016) - With more than sixty percent of Americans overweight or obese, promoting healthy nutrition goals nationwide is crucial. Based on research supported by the National Institute of Health, diet quality is extremely important in preventing chronic diseases. Healthy eating practices are vital to maintaining healthy bodies but sometimes, with the large number of fad diets available in the market, it is difficult to determine a suitable diet program.

The military diet, for instance, offers a seemingly comprehensive solution for individuals with busy lives. Also known as the 3 day diet, the military diet involves strictly regulating all meals for three days and then taking four days off. The military diet essentially claims to offer a fast way to lose 10 pounds per week and suggests diet plans for three days out of the week. But while the military diet may work for certain individuals and emergency situations, like losing a few pounds to fit into a dress next week, it does not guarantee long-term weight loss. It also requires an immense level of discipline, consistency, and self-monitoring, mostly because it is not custom-fitted to individual body types or nutritional needs.

Diet Doc makes the dieting process extremely simple and affordable with comprehensive, doctor-supervised weight loss programs that fad diets like the military diet cannot substitute. All Diet Doc patients work with certified nutritionists to design meal and snack plans perfect for their age, gender, nutritional needs, activity level, and medical conditions. Doctors utilize their specialized training in nutritional science to create state-of-the-art diet plans with wholesome, reliable prescription diet products that help patients curb hunger and lose weight fast. More than 90% of Diet Doc patients lose 20 or more pounds every month simply by following a doctor-prescribed diet.

To fully understand the implications, benefits and drawbacks of adopting a new diet, it is essential to consult a medical professional. With Diet Doc, the doctor is only a short phone call away and a team of certified nutritionists, doctors, nurses and coaches is available 6 days per week to answer questions, address concerns and support patients. Diet Doc's medical team calculates individual diet macros for everyone to ensure lean muscle is preserved and that body composition changes are optimal. All Diet Doc patients receive a doctor-approved diet plans and continual guidance throughout their weight loss process. More than 90% of Diet Doc patients lose 20 or more pounds every month simply by following a doctor-prescribed diet, as well as acquire the following benefits:

  • Healthy but rapid weight loss
  • Understanding of past weight loss failures and detailed future planning
  • Customized and balanced diet plans that curb hunger and establish a healthy lifestyle
  • Attention to specific nutritional needs based on individual body chemistry

Based on these amazing benefits, more and more patients are turning to Diet Doc for their weight management needs. Patients can get started immediately, with materials shipped directly to their home or office, and continue making progress through weekly consultations, custom-crafted meal plans, motivational diet coaches and a powerful prescription program that is consistently reliable.

Losing weight with Diet Doc is very simple and affordable. New patients can easily visit to quickly complete a health questionnaire and schedule an immediate, free online consultation.

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