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Digagogo Ventures Corp.

October 03, 2011 08:00 ET

Digagogo Ventures Corp. Announces Revenue From the Sale of Its First License

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - Oct 3, 2011) - Digagogo Ventures Corp. ("Digagogo" or the "Company") (OTCBB: DOGO), a provider of information and communications technology, grants its flagship license to Red Deer DogoNet.

The license grants the licensee a turnkey infrastructure with the use of DogoSearch, DogoNet & DogoPay, developed and maintained by Digagogo.

DogoSearch is a regionally specific advertising and search engine that allows local businesses to publish promotions and product information in real time. It operates in conjunction with The DogoNet, which empowers households with virtual storefronts where they can buy, sell and communicate with one another, essentially creating a collective local distribution network. DogoPay, a secure payment method managed by The DogoCenter, ensuring accurate and secure payments, facilitates transactions made on the DogoNet. The licensee is granted the know-how, technology, branding and plans to become the economic conduit for any selected geographical region. All of these activities will be overseen at The DogoCenter, built in the hub of the community, offering the public state of the art technology coupled with business leadership to build a sustainable community, combining Media Center, Educational Center, and Dispatch & Logistics.

Red Deer DogoNet is the first of many license agreements anticipated to be executed by Digagogo. The purchase of this license marks the commencement of revenue for Digagogo Ventures Corp. The terms are as follows:

A) An initial license fee of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($500,000.00), payable as follows:

(i) $50,000.00 license fee upon execution, which has been received; and

(ii) $450,000.00 on or before the 30th day following execution of the Agreement; and

B) Fees for technical support, consulting, and training services will be provided to Red Deer DogoNet payable monthly to Digagogo.

C) An ongoing royalty fee equal to FIVE PERCENT (5%) of the gross revenues of the Sub licensee payable on the 3rd business day of each month in respect of the gross revenues for the prior calendar month.

Red Deer DogoNet has already leased office and warehouse space to launch The DogoCenter in Red Deer County, which is located in the heart of Alberta, Canada. President Carman Bessey states: "Conservatively speaking, $100,000,000 is already being spent on advertising, promotion and marketing within the Red Deer County area. Our goal is to achieve 30% of the $100,000,000 that is being spent for promotion, advertising and marketing. We plan to achieve this $30,000,000 by working with up to one hundred sales and marketing personnel to educate, market and integrate the local community and businesses, using these state of the art technologies DogoNet & DogoSearch. By joining forces with business leaders, business and households offering majors savings to the local community, we will work together in building a sustainable economy."

This unique working business model has attracted many other potential communities throughout North America. The State of Michigan, Detroit and surrounding areas have expressed extreme interest in purchasing potential licenses. Detroit is home to Digagogo's Head Office and also Impact Network, a telecommunications company dedicated to producing and broadcasting inspirational and informative television programming. Digagogo and Impact Network will work together to develop a comprehensive imaging campaign to increase consumer awareness of products offered by Digagogo, creating employments adding family values and entrepreneurship at the core of the campaign.

Digagogo's Chairman, Fernando Londe, is tremendously excited with the breakthrough in the company, and that this breakthrough will generate revenues, which will create employment, stimulate local business, and be the foundation for economic sustainability. He states, "We have found a niche in the marketplace in design and a business model that offers unique solutions in today's economy. By utilizing Digagogo's state of the art technologies creating new jobs that DogoCenters offers education and guidance in regions across the world, we will build a sustainable future for generations to come."

About DogoCenter:
DogoCenter offering the public state of the art technology coupled with business leadership to build a sustainable community, combining Media Center, Educational Center, and Dispatch & Logistics, providing technical support and training for DogoNet & DogoSearch.

About DogoSearch:
DogoSearch is a real-time search engine, integrated into Digagogo's DogoNet product. DogoSearch is a live, searchable directory of business information that will enable any member in the community to find time-sensitive, local information and events regarding product sales, specials and promotions.

About DogoNet:
Digagogo's DogoNet product has the ability to empower every household with a virtual portal, which contains cutting edge features. This customizable virtual portal has the potential to give households the ability to buy, sell, share, promote family values, earn extra household income, and provide leveraged buying power. The virtual portal is user friendly, and offers a high degree of security, confidentiality and privacy.

About Digagogo Ventures Corp. Digagogo is developing a digital sales and distribution network designed to connect households together and enable individuals to buy or sell items within a local community. Digagogo believes that this can be achieved by harnessing the power of local group buying and instantaneous knowledge of supply and demand within that community.

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