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October 29, 2013 09:00 ET

Digarati Delivers Fully-Integrated, Cross Platform, Social Publishing Solution

Publishers Can Now Engage and Unite Reader Communities Around Their Content

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2013) - Sprocket Media today announced the release of Digarati, the industry's first fully-integrated social publishing portal. Sprocket Media -- a leader in content marketing -- created Digarati to give publishers the ability to build social communities around their content, encouraging readers to connect and engage.

"Traditionally, content marketing was about producing timely, high quality content that was relevant to users. That is no longer enough," said Kevin Kennedy, Digarati general manager, Sprocket Media. "Users now thrive on social interaction -- listening to and relying on input from their peers -- to make decisions. Today, effective content marketing is about more than just content; it requires enabling and engaging communities as well. Digarati is the first platform to offer all of this to bring a publisher's content to life."

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Digarati brings four core elements together to form a unique solution for content marketers:

  • Multi-Platform Viewer - Deliver content in a customizable, interactive environment supported through the web for a seamless user experience across all platforms and without the need for apps. Offer dynamic reading formats through the digital reader or the community hub for delivery across all devices.

  • Integrated Social Community - Transform static content into an engaging user experience by giving your community of readers the ability to connect, comment, clip, rate and build groups from within. Allow them to help grow your audience by sharing with their external social networks. Deliver the opportunity for readers, editors, authors and advertisers to interact with you, and with each other, for a truly integrated social experience.

  • Monetization Strategies - Full suite of opportunities to target content, as well as native, in stream, banner and mobile advertising with hyper-targeting fueled by your community's "Reader DNA".

  • Content Management Solution (CMS) - Digarati offers a web-enabled CMS solution that enables publishers to publish once and distribute everywhere. Digarati's CMS generates content into elegant HTML pages powered by the most current web technologies, which respond to multiple platforms and screen sizes.

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