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December 09, 2015 10:01 ET

Digital Agencies Call for 2016 to Be "The Year for WordPress at Scale"

Survey of Pantheon's 2,000 Agency Partners Reveals 60% of Agencies Saw Significant Increase in Their Client's WordPress Budgets, Displacing Legacy CMS Projects

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - December 09, 2015) - Pantheon, the only website management platform for WordPress and Drupal, announced today the results of their WordPress Professionals survey, in which thousands of development and design firms affirmed the growth of WordPress as a leading CMS for big business and institutional websites. Of the agencies surveyed, more than 60% saw their WordPress client budgets increase, largely driven by WordPress displacing legacy CMS and home grown implementations.

"These survey results match what we are seeing from our customers and agency partners. Digital agencies have been launching hundreds of professional grade WordPress sites on our platform every month for the past year, and this trend is on the rise. Some of the world's biggest brands are turning to WordPress to power tens of millions of pageviews per month," said Josh Koenig, Co-founder and Head of Product at Pantheon. "At Pantheon, we see first hand the growing demand for professional-grade WordPress where performance, scale, security, and uptime need to meet the needs of the enterprise."

WordPress Professionals Survey Key Findings
The WordPress Professionals Survey asked more than 2,000 agencies questions about the use and growth of WordPress for large-scale websites during client engagements. In particular, the survey revealed some of the advantages and challenges for agencies leveraging WordPress. One of the key findings from the survey was that WordPress was clearly becoming a CMS of choice for large-scale websites. Further, budgets for WordPress-powered sites are significantly increasing. Sixty percent of agencies surveyed said their budgets have increased in the past year with only 7% reporting any decrease. Fifty percent said the number of WordPress projects have increased, with 41% expecting them to continue to increase in 2016. And more than half the respondents reported a growing team size of five or more in order to implement a site. "Our last WordPress project involved multiple developers, a specialist subcontractor, and a developer in the client's organization. In the end we had a team of 10 people collaborating across multiple companies to complete the project," Dan Chiu, Founder of HD MADE.

The survey also found that WordPress is being used on larger websites, with 71% of agencies reporting that WordPress is being selected for higher scale client projects versus last year. The survey showed a clear increase of WordPress across industries and in some surprising places, including universities, government, and publicly traded companies. Thirty percent of agencies said they are building WordPress sites for publicly traded companies, 53% for big brands, and 36% for media outlets. Also of note was the migration from legacy CMS to WordPress, with 43% answering that WordPress is displacing proprietary CMS. "WordPress is growing in adoption rate by media and publishing companies now, because it fits the idiom of major publishing sites very well, and the editorial tools are simple, intuitive and, increasingly, are already familiar to the journalism and content workforce. Publishers gain a knowledge and training advantage by opting to use it over less popular platforms," said Matt Johnson, CTO Alley Interactive.

While the agencies surveyed expressed overwhelming support for WordPress and its continued growth, they also shared concerns over the WordPress ecosystem's ability to support large-scale projects and enterprise clients. Of their top three concerns, 64% of agencies said WordPress security was the biggest concern, with scalability and performance a close second and third. "The major concern about WordPress from high profile customers is security," confirmed Jonathan Wold of XWP.

It is clear that WordPress has challenges to address as it continues to grow in popularity. As more enterprise websites choose WordPress as a CMS, the demand for tools to enhance security, scale, and performance will continue to grow. "Business owners and marketers love WordPress for its ease of use and flexibility. Pantheon is committed to delivering WordPress at scale so even the most discerning enterprises can leverage this great CMS technology," said Zack Rosen, Co-Founder and CEO of Pantheon.

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