Digital Alchemy

February 16, 2012 12:34 ET

Digital Alchemy Intelligent Software Ltd.: Sophisticated BC Investors Can Capture $1,500,000 in Immediate Refundable Tax Credits

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 16, 2012) - Digital Alchemy (DA), a secretive new developer of machine learning based risk management solutions, is pleased to announce that the Company is offering BC Investors up to $5,000,000 in RRSP and TFSA eligible shares offering an immediate 30% refundable tax credit until February 29, 2012.

CEO J. Bradley Hall commented, "I was part of a team that launched Triax in Toronto, initially aggregating $130 million in tax credits for 25,000 lucky retail investors. The fund grew to $1.8 billion AUM when it was sold and unfortunately those types of tax credits have largely been eliminated by CRA except for here in BC, where promising companies like DA have been approved to offer them to select investors."

Mr. Hall added, "I also enjoyed running the successful ICON Capital fund in San Francisco for many years and our most successful investments were generally the result of betting on jockeys. We certainly looked for large quantifiable markets and disruptive technology but backing proven management was always in the DNA of our biggest winners."

Brad went on to note, "As someone who has enjoyed success on both the buy and sell side, I understand that with over USD$700 trillion in investable derivative assets out there and 80% of trading being algorithmic and executed by computers, it is next to impossible for asset managers to identify all the correlations affecting price across a single asset class, let alone across portfolios. Many of us would agree that hedge fund is an oxymoron in our current investing vernacular. In our separate gold trading business, we have been actively deploying an Artificial Intelligence (AI) or a machine-learning environment solution that identifies and tracks correlations, recognizes patterns and through predictive analytics, defines alpha opportunities. We are now investing $5,000,000 in that technology to fast track the completion of the beta or risk management side."

In Closing Mr. Hall observed, "DA has a leadership team with proven global experience, a massive underserved marketplace and a disruptive game changing solution that could be generating revenue before the end of the year. Those characteristics should have most investors salivating. If you add in the 30% refundable tax credits and the fact that most investors will never have an opportunity to invest in pre-IPO companies like Facebook, DA may represent a unique and compelling opportunity to participate in the launch of a successful and profitable venture."

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