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Digital Backpack

August 20, 2012 13:11 ET

Digital Backpack Launches for Android

Digital Backpack Provides Organizations With a Super App for Managing Private Content on Android-Powered Smartphones and Tablets

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 20, 2012) - Mobile freedom has come to Android devices at last. The Digital Backpack platform is now available for the Android operating system and provides organizations with an efficient and secure way to share, manage, and upload company-branded private apps and digital content on their audience's devices.

"We're very excited to launch Digital Backpack for Android," says Mike Sommer, CEO of Digital Backpack. "More and more employees and students are using their Android-powered smartphones and tablets to interact with their organization's digital content. While this mobile freedom is fantastic, it ends up being a logistical nightmare when an administrator needs to install an app or update content on every single device. Digital Backpack gives organizations a secure way to manage all their private content on multiple mobile devices using the Backpack super app. It's designed to be scalable, efficient and, best of all, easy to use."

The Backpack is a secure "container" that sits on a mobile device - whether it's an Android-powered smartphone or tablet. Through an online, cloud-based Dashboard, an administrator can upload, manage and distribute apps and digital content right to the Backpack using push technology. Organizations can share virtually any kind of content, including videos, PDFs, training materials, audio files and of course, apps.

"We eliminate the current restrictions and rules of distributing apps within an enterprise or school district by changing the way you deliver your apps and digital content," adds Mike. "With our platform, you only manage the content within the Backpack, so your employee or student still has total freedom and control over the rest of their personal device."

Organizations are even provided with real-time analytics that help measure the ROI of their app and digital content choices, so they can determine what's working and what's not. Administrators can also publish user-specific content geared towards different roles or grade levels within the organization. With Digital Backpack, businesses and schools can take mobility beyond just e-mail, calendar and documents and leverage the true potential of mobile devices within their organizations.

About Digital Backpack

Digital Backpack believes that mobile technology is about freedom and choice for both administrators and mobile device users. We eliminate the current restrictions and rules of distributing apps within an enterprise or school district through a super app called the Backpack. The Backpack is a secure "container" that sits on a mobile device / tablet and is easily and securely updated and managed through our online, cloud-based Dashboard. Organizations get detailed analytics that will show them how their content is being used. Now your organization can easily share important and private apps, timely updates and vital digital content while also encouraging your audience to use the personal mobile devices / tablets they love at work or in the classroom.

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