November 11, 2015 12:12 ET

Digital Bootcamp Brings Military-Style Leadership Training to the Fortune 5000

West Point-Based Leadership Development Program Partners With Corporate Learning Pioneer CorpU

WEST POINT, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 11, 2015) - Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point announced on the NASDAQ floor, today, that it will scale its leadership programs through an online platform to help companies upskill emerging leaders.

As organizations adopt leaner, flatter, and more global structures, middle managers are being asked to play bigger roles in decision making and problem solving -- requiring them to become experts in new topics, influence more stakeholders, and execute ever-shifting strategies. Research has found that today's millennial middle managers often switch jobs every two years, impacting a company's ability to activate and sustain new strategies.

Through a partnership with CorpU, Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point (TLDG) will deliver its best-in-class residential program in an online format to help companies address leadership challenges. CorpU's platform, which incorporates social and collaborate learning tools, will enable companies to bring high quality, expert-led courses to a much broader audience of employees.

"In today's increasingly competitive environment, companies must ensure that employees at all levels of the organization are equipped to inspire change, overcome challenges, and increase productivity," said Dan Rice, President of Thayer Leader Development Group. "By working with CorpU, we're able to combine the best of learning science with the latest in social technology to deliver content that resonates with today's leaders."

TLDG faculty includes West Point graduates, and more than 50 retired colonels and generals. All have leadership experience as well as an expertise in delivering leader development over a lifetime of service to our nation. Beginning in 2016, TLDG's programs will be cascaded through organizations interested in developing leadership at all levels of their organization. TLDG's blended learning will include onsite leader development programs at West Point, as well as online virtual training through CorpU.

"TLDG offers one of the most prestigious programs in leadership development, drawing upon their rich history and expertise that has helped build some of our nation's greatest leaders," said Alan Todd, CEO and Founder of CorpU. "With advancements in technology and learning science, companies are no longer bound by time and geography. Expanding access to this program for leaders and the broader workforce holds great promise."

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