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January 15, 2015 11:02 ET

Digital Payments Plc: Appointment of director



January 15, 2015

Digital Payments Plc: Appointment of director

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Jan. 15, 2015) - The Board of Digital Payments PLC (GXG:DPP) is
delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Muscato as Chief Technical Officer.

Mr. Muscato is an entrepreneur with a 35-year career in the technology industry and he is best known for
building high volume, highly scalable, reliable, transaction processing solutions and putting them into
commercially viable companies. He has successfully executed 3 corporate builds and sold them off to public

He started with Martin Marietta Information Systems building a Public Health Information System utilizing state
of the art fault-tolerant computers. He has held numerous technology leadership positions where he was
responsible for architecting business enterprise solutions. He was the lead architect responsible for building
an Electronic Funds Transfer Network (HONOR/STAR) supporting debit cards in a shared environment. It was one of
the first of its kind. His responsibilities included engineering, database management, network engineering and
planning data centre operations and customer service for the HONOR Network.

In 1986 Mr. Muscato formed Muscato Corporation as a consulting firm specializing in application
interoperability for banks and financial institutions that eventually expanded into several vertical markets.
He served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for 14 years. Muscato Corporation developed middleware
architecture and leading edge applications infrastructure centred around its technologies. Muscato Corporation
developed its proprietary platform known as "ENGIN" (Enterprise Generic Integrator). Its customer base included
companies such as Citicorp, Delta Airlines and many large healthcare providers. In the ensuing years, under his
guidance Muscato Corporation became a multi-million dollar global organization with a worldwide customer base.
He then executed an exit strategy and successfully sold the company to a publicly traded company in March 2000.

In February 2001, Mr. Muscato founded M2 Systems, an elite software engineering firm, as well as forming
Symmetrex Corporation, a transaction application service provider, established to provide a turn-key service
company geared for electronic payments (prepaid, remittance, payroll and stored value cards) and the automation
of health-care claims processing utilizing the payments infrastructure. He once again, executed an exit
strategy on Symmetrex, which was sold in November 2005 to a United Kingdom based processing company.

He is currently serving as Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of M2 Systems Corporation.

He is also instrumental in helping several companies complete their technology builds and foundation framework
for launch and will continue to oversee their management through their rapid growth cycles. To date, he is
engaged with several large web companies in their launch of his newest product ENGIN AIR, which has currently
been deployed and supported now by M2 Payment Solutions, part of the Digital Payments PLC group of companies.

Mr Muscato has held the following directorships during the past five years:

Current Directorships/Partnerships    Past Directorships/Partnerships
Muscato Group Inc.                    M2 Payment Solutions Inc
M2 Systems Corporation Inc

Mr Muscato owns 79,619,139 Ordinary shares, representing 14.1% of the entire share capital of the Company.

There are no other matters which are required to be announced pursuant to Schedule 2 of the GXG Main Quote
Market Rules for Issuing Companies.

The Directors accept responsibility for this statement.



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