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Digital Switching Systems

August 23, 2012 10:01 ET

Digital Switching Systems Delivers Flexible and Rugged Gateway Devices

PowerGate 2000 Gateway Includes RS232, RS485, CAN (J1939) and NMEA 2000 Configurations

RALEIGH, NC--(Marketwire - Aug 23, 2012) - Digital Switching Systems (DSS), a leading provider of rugged open-source keypads and interface devices, has announced the upgrade of its NMEA 2000 gateway product. The PowerGate 2000 now has more flexibility than ever before with configurations for RS232, RS485, CAN (J1939) and NMEA 2000 ports.

Originally introduced to provide a gateway between a proprietary RS485 network and NMEA 2000, the PowerGate 2000 capabilities have been expanded to act as a gateway between several different protocols.

Whether you are trying to monitor devices on another network or sending commands from one network to another, the PowerGate 2000 is a versatile and rugged solution for any industry.

Case Study

Beyond Measure had an extraordinary idea to develop an on-board scale that would revolutionize the sport of fishing. They would call it the Fish Gate 100. They knew that not only did the Fish Gate 100 need to be the most accurate fish scale available, but it had to be able to lock in the weight and store the information in its memory bank. It also needed to be able to store information from the fish finder such as time, date, GPS location, water depth, and temperature. This information would then need to be able to be downloaded on to a laptop or computer, either by USB or by using its satellite capability, which would transmit the information to shore during competitions, providing tournament officials and fans live and up-to the minute standings. Beyond Measure knew exactly what they wanted from their state-of-the-art scale, but they needed someone to help them get there and convert the messages into a language so that the scale could integrate with other existing systems. "After much research and time spent calling on component manufacturers specifically specializing in NMEA, it became apparent that Digital Switching Systems was the only company that could help us make our vision into a reality," said John Winkler, Co-Owner and Inventor at Beyond Measure. John added, "The folks at DSS were very knowledgeable, courteous and answered all of our questions. They provided a lot of detail and always steered us down the right road." Ron Litsheim, co-owner of Beyond Measure commented, "We wanted the highest quality product for the fisherman, and that's the Fish Gate 100." John himself has time and time again field tested the products by exposing them to the challenging environment typical of competitive fishing. Even while navigating his boat through the Great Lakes, encountering 6 foot waves and torrential rain, the Fish Gate 100 continually maintained its reliability and stayed perfectly calibrated. 

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About Digital Switching Systems:

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Digital Switching Systems is a leading provider of rugged HMI solutions for the industrial, outdoor equipment, marine, military and transportation industries. A subsidiary of DNA Group, Digital Switching Systems continues to bring to the forefront state-of-the-art devices and software applications for remote, networked control of low voltage DC power applications through the DSS family of components powered by omni-BUS™. For more information about Digital Switching systems, please visit

DNA Group, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom controls for the portable appliance, white goods and consumer products market. To learn more, please visit

About Beyond Measure:

Located in Appleton, Wisconsin, Beyond Measure is committed to providing dedicated fisherman with quality scales that can keep up with the demands of competitive fishing. At the forefront of Beyond Measure's ideology is their drive to produce multifaceted, must-have technology that every serious angler will want in their boat. With their first revolutionary product, the Fish Gate 100, Beyond Measure illustrated their knowledge of what industry professionals want in an on-board scale.
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