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Digital Web, Inc.

November 09, 2010 18:49 ET

Digital Web, Inc. Extends the Deadline on Their "FREE Small Business Web Builder Program"

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - November 9, 2010) -  As of Friday, October 15th, Digital Web announced that the "Free Small Business Web Builder Program" will extend until March 1, 2011. In doing this, Digital Web will be able to offer the "FREE Website Program" to small business owners needing web development. Dave Ripley, President and CCO, states, "The program has been so successful we just couldn't let it end right now. The program is designed for small business owners to obtain a FREE professional custom built website, and be relevant in today's internet society. For years small business owners have been getting the shaft when it comes to designing and maintaining a website by developers." Over pricing and price gouging is what he called it. "When so many web development companies are charging in the range of $3000 to $5000 for generic websites, giving small business owners a break right now is the only thing to do in these economic times. Most small business owners just can't afford that kind of money right now. Digital Web's philosophy is give a deep discounted price now to help small business owners survive, and in doing this they will be customers for life. It does us no good to charge $4000 for a website and have to take it down in six months because the owner has gone out of business."

Digital says, "Most small business owners we talk to don't really understand how important a web presence is. After we meet with them, owners start to realize they have been missing such a large opportunity to establish a considerable amount of new customers. With social media and other website marketing, it's not uncommon for small businesses to start seeing an increase in business right away."

The Small Business Web Builder Program also includes site re-designs. Ripley says he personally talks to a large number of small business owners that develop and maintain their own websites to save some money. Granted, he says he has seen some decent sites developed by owners, but for the most part they really need a lot of help. Ripley says, "A bad looking website could actually cause more harm than no website at all. It's like driving down the road looking for a new car, if you see a great car on a lot you like, but the car lot selling it looks really unprofessional, they have no logo on the sign and the grass hasn't been cut for 3 months, you are most likely going to drive on by without stopping. People want to trust business owners, if an owner can't keep his place looking nice or even cut his grass, most customers will have a trust issue right off the bat. Same thing for websites, when customers log onto a site and it looks like a 5th grader developed it, a trust issue triggers the customer's finger to click off and go to the next business offering the same products or services. I know it sounds silly, but it's the truth!"

Again, image is everything!

"Again and again we encounter hesitation and frustration by small business owners who know they need to tap the power of the internet. Invariably they either end up with a website that does nothing for their business or no website at all." Steve Ballmer-CEO Microsoft Corp.

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