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January 31, 2018 19:03 ET

Digitization Company in Vancouver Reveals Not All QA is Equal

Vancouver digitization company reveals why quality varies from firm to firm

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - January 31, 2018) - Micro Com Systems, a digitization firm in Vancouver, is proud of having a Quality Assurance (QA) process that has evolved over its 45 years of business. When it comes to scanning and digitization, QA can vary dramatically between firms, and a new blog on the company website explains why. For more, go to:

Most people who work with a professional scanning company will never consider QA. There's simply an expectation that the job will be done right. But the blog explains that when a large scanning and digitization company is dealing with millions of pages each month, the sheer volume of paper and resulting scanned images could contribute to potential problems.

In fact, due to time and budget constraints, many scanning and digitization agencies will set internal quality standards at a rate of 99.5% accuracy. Assuming most organizations can accept an error rate of 0.5%, thousands of errors would occur over a million pages.

That's why Micro Com Systems in Vancouver has implemented rigorous and proprietary production task and procedure manuals specifically for paper and micrographic files being converted to electronic images. This isn't simply a spot-check, but a full pre- and post-scanning program to ensure that all pages are readable-and that the final digitized results are accurate and true to form.

Delivering QA isn't easy, and it's important to realize that not all scanning and digitization businesses will achieve the same standards of excellence. Micro Com's QA process has evolved over the life of their business. It's so rigorous that it often takes longer than the actual scanning job. Still, when so many businesses rely on you to accurately capture and digitize information, it's the only way to consistently deliver quality results.

That's why QA isn't just a process at Micro Com-it's a promise.

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