December 13, 2010 08:00 ET

DiJiPOP Releases Mobile Commerce Extension to Its On-Demand Ad Management Platform

DiJiPOP's Proprietary POP Technology™ Now Automates the Digital Shopper Marketing Process for the 'On-the-Go' Shopper

PROVIDENCE, RI--(Marketwire - December 13, 2010) - DiJiPOP, a leading on-demand shopper marketing technology platform, today announced the mobile extension to its POP Technology™ which allows retailers and their consumer brands to run dynamic digital shopper marketing campaigns. According to ABI Research Inc., shoppers will order $2.2 billion of physical goods from websites via cellphones in 2010, $1 billion more than last year and five times more than 2008.

With this new feature of the on-demand platform, retailers are empowered to run automated paid and non-paid marketing campaigns on their m-commerce sites. For advertisers, this extension will allow direct access and reservation of digital shelf space reaching the highly engaged on-the-go shopper. Within minutes, as opposed to weeks, brands can pay to insert chosen products or marketing into relevant pages on retailers' mobile web sites.

"As consumers become increasingly dependent on their smart phones to shop, compare prices and research products, brands and retailers are delivering more sophisticated and feature rich mobile experiences. As a result of this trend, we added the mobile commerce capability extension to our existing platform so shoppers can be targeted on-the-go," said Ji Kim, Founder and CEO, DiJiPOP. "Mobile commerce is one of the biggest priorities for our clients and with shoppers spending more time with their smart phones, it was a natural priority for us."

DiJiPOP's Vice President of Product Management, Brook Richards, added: "Although there are a vast array of smart phones and software versions available to the public, we are covering the most widely used devices and operating systems, including RIM, Microsoft, Symbian, Palm, Apple, and Google."

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