SOURCE: Dine Out Environmental Group Inc.

May 21, 2013 09:30 ET

Dine Out Environmental Group Secures GBP 10 Million in Equity Funding

MESA, AZ--(Marketwired - May 21, 2013) - Dine Out Environmental Group, Inc (GXG: DINE) announced today that it had secured a £10 million equity line of credit arranged by Belmont Acquisitions from its contacts in London, U.K.

The Company whose stock is traded in London on the GXG exchange ( was able to qualify for this equity line through Dutchess Capital's London office because of the strength of its business plans, the quality of its assets and the anticipation of increased trading volume for its stock over time. The equity line allows the Company to draw down funds in tranches starting at £250,000 or more based on the trading volume of the stock, as often as every 30 days.

"With the final documents for this funding now executed and the funds committed we can look to begin to provide funds to our subsidiaries so that they can execute on their business plans to produce significant revenue and earnings," said Kim Moore, Dine Out's CEO.

Douglas Leighton, managing partner of Dutchess, stated, "This structure works very well with undervalued companies that can return the capital as the stock price increases. We are excited to work with the management at Dine Out as they execute on their business plan to bring value to their shareholders."

"Belmont Acquisitions, our advisory firm, will be helping us to select an investor relations team soon that can provide timely, transparent communication to existing and prospective shareholders. This, we believe, will help investors make meaningful decisions about our Company which in turn should provide better value and liquidity for our shareholders," stated Kim Moore, Dine Out's Chairman of the Board.

About Dine Out Environmental Group, Inc:
Dine Out Environmental Group Inc. (GXG: DINE) is a Canadian holding company with offices in Arizona, US and operations in the U.S. and Mexico. It acquires, and operates companies around the world that can benefit from additional capital and management expertise, have high potential, are environmentally focused, are scalable, and demonstrate a quantifiable value proposition. The management team is composed of senior executives skilled in organizational management, finance, strategic planning, branding and management, including purchasing, supply chain management and contracting. Dine Out Environmental Group, Inc., currently has four operating subsidiaries; Cimar, SA de Cv, Very Fresh Shrimp Corp., Evolution Energy Technologies, Inc., & Newly Found Energy, Inc. For more information about the Company please visit our website at

About Dutchess Capital
Dutchess Capital was founded in 1996. Since then, Dutchess has been a market leader and innovator in providing ELFs and other unique financing structures for publicly-traded companies. Dutchess has transacted over $2 billion in ELF commitments globally. Dutchess has over 15 years of experience assisting companies throughout the process, as well as the financial wherewithal to fund the company throughout the entire commitment. Dutchess sources worldwide investment opportunities, with offices in Boston, New York, Seoul and Beijing and through joint venture partner First Columbus in London. For more information, visit:

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Belmont Acquisitions, LLC
is a specialized advisory firm which strives to provide the highest quality level of service, within a broad spectrum of advisory services and attentive support including but not limited to; Institutional financing & private funding introductions, merger, acquisition & divesture advice, restructuring and other negotiations assistance, investor relations, advisory services, for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as, turnarounds, and strategy consulting, Investor relations support, collateral enhancements and research through Belmont Global Research. For more information visit our websites at; and,

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