May 19, 2008 10:07 ET

DINING IN - San Francisco Bay Area's FASTEST Growing Premier Personal Chef Service Helps People in the Fast Lane Slow Down to Eat Right While Saving Time, Money and Calories

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - In this sluggish economy with companies downsizing and businesses closing their doors, it's a rare thing to be hearing that a business is not just thriving and growing, but even helping others to do well and be well. DINING IN's Founder and Executive Chef Traci Higgins ( knows how it feels to try to juggle a full plate and then some, which ironically is what her business helps people do. This multi-hyphenate entrepreneurial business woman, Executive Chef, Speaker, Culinary Instructor, Health Educator & Advocate, Wife and Mother, who's worked for Cooking Light, Weight Watchers and The Food Network, is having her own dream realized. San Francisco Bay Area's DINING IN is the fastest growing healthy gourmet organic food delivery service that delivers to your home or office. Chef Higgins, named one of the Top 5 Personal Chefs by San Francisco Magazine, has her own 6,100 sq. ft eco-friendly kitchen at DINING IN and is celebrating her five-year business milestone, tripling her business in just three years.

WHY is her business successful? She knows helping busy people break the fast food cycle is vital to good health and wealth in terms of productivity and better quality of life. The U.S. Census Bureau states in 2007 the average American purchased fast food 16 days of the month. "It is hard to break the fast food cycle because we live in an instant society. There is a mentality that everything has to get done today and that nothing can wait. Because of this, eating is a last priority and the quicker the better. For some reason it seems more important to take care of everything else first, leaving food, energy, nutrition and your well being last on the list. There is a certain level of awareness that busy professionals need to have, and that is they will get more out of their bodies via energy, focus and better sleep when they take care of them," explains Higgins.

In 2003, from the humble beginnings of a one bedroom apartment, Higgins, a California Culinary Academy graduate, was preparing meals for six families, which increased to 10 clients. She accommodated this growth by adding a refrigerator and renting space from a restaurant. After doubling her business in 6 months, she grew the company almost 200% and hired a total of 12 employees as she worked out of a permanent kitchen and eventually moved again. Finally, after long commutes she and her staff are back home in San Francisco with a bustling business and still new developments to come, which keeps things fresh and exciting.

A client for three years, Ken Levinson, CPA - Konetsky & Associates, found DINING IN changed his lifestyle and sees how saving time really adds up! "I work anywhere between 40-70 hours a week, and even longer during tax season. I don't cook, so after a long day I used to grab quick junk food on the way home. But being a client of DINING IN has helped me make better eating choices, and now I have more time to go to the gym to workout," he states.

Michelle Weaver and her husband are like a lot of Bay area residents -- both work full-time and have a family. Their lives three years ago, before DINING IN, consisted of a lot of pizza, Chinese food and burritos. "After my son was born we were desperately in need of a service. With a baby and both of us working there was no time to cook. We were eating take out or whatever we had on hand and it was really unhealthy. DINING IN is a lifesaver. It really has helped my family in balancing work and life -- more time with each other and less time in the kitchen. We love the meals and really value eating healthy organic food. I also love the addition of children's meals," states Weaver.

For busy people on-the-go, DINING IN is trying to reshape the lifestyle of SF Bay area residents -- making life easier, convenient and above all healthy by including California grown organic produce and today's hottest antioxidant super foods. And yes, you can have your dessert too, DINING IN offers over 100 desserts under 300 calories so you don't have to deprive your sweet tooth.

Keeping things fresh with a new kitchen and continued business growth also means cooking up a variety of fresh new service menus and DINING IN is ready to go. Expanding its menu options (so your waistband doesn't), DINING IN introduces a whole line of healthy, calorie-conscious meals that are gourmet, tasty and all the work is done for you. The Daily Diet is an "all-inclusive" diet program for those serious about weight loss. The program includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks, all within a particular caloric range and fat content.

DINING IN is also offering kid-friendly menus for busy families, too.

"It is important as a family to eat together as often as possible, have well balanced meals to meet the everyday demands on our minds and bodies, and to set a healthy example for our kids. It can be challenging to work 10-12 hour days then come home and prepare the meal that you 'want.' DINING IN offers exactly what parents want -- properly portioned, wholesome, fresh and organic meals. This is a better alternative than eating out on a regular basis because it is more cost effective and contains a lot less fat. The time a person will save shopping, chopping, dicing, cooking and cleaning has already given them 1 - 1 1/2 hours in their day to focus on other things. Not only this, they are actually investing in their health by ordering well balanced meals. For those that actually invest in their health by going to the gym, seeing a chiropractor, getting regular massages or even pedicures, DINING IN is an extension of creating a well rounded life. You will spend less per month eating six DINING IN meals per week than you will eating gourmet take out or at restaurants," states Higgins.

Higgins has traveled the country performing cooking demonstrations and insightful lectures on health and wellness to doctors, dietitians, health professionals and nurses and has been active in many diabetes educational forums and conferences. She has worked in the test kitchens of Weight Watchers, Cooking Light Magazine and America's Best Recipes and is credited in three cookbooks. Additionally, she has worked as a food stylist and worked on the television show "Follow That Food" with Gordon Elliott for the Food Network.

Saving time, money and calories is not only a positive lifestyle change, but one that is also changing in positive ways at DINING IN. More exciting new menu options will continue to be launched this Summer.

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