November 16, 2006 14:35 ET

DINMAR Helps Regional and Provincial Efforts to Improve Access to Patient Data and Reduce Wait Times

Montfort Hospital Activates Oacis EMPI as Final Stage to Link Patient Records Across Eastern Ontario

OTTAWA, CANADA--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 16, 2006) - DINMAR, a wholly owned subsidiary of Emergis Inc. (TSX:EME), announced today that its Oacis EMPI (enterprise master patient index) application has been activated at Montfort Hospital as a final stage in linking patient records across Eastern Ontario. Oacis EMPI has been instrumental in significantly improving access to patient records throughout the Champlain Region's Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) in Eastern Ontario. In addition to speeding-up the patient identification process, Oacis EMPI contributes, as part of an array of projects currently underway, to reducing patient wait times.

The Oacis EMPI contains probabilistic matching technologies which continually inspect patient demographic information, from multiple sources, as it streams through Champlain's regional health network. The system compares key data elements and determines the probability that a particular patient record containing identical or similar elements is (or is not) the same as another patient record. Presently, the Oacis EMPI automatically matches an impressive 90% of records, thus saving significant time and costs for admissions and medical records personnel across a region compared to manual methods of identification. The remaining 10% of records are flagged as "suspects" whereby administrative personnel are alerted on-line to take appropriate follow-up action.

"Linking patient records is typically the first practical step towards the ultimate goal of a regional electronic health record system," commented Mark Groper, DINMAR's President and Chief Executive Officer and Senior Vice-President at Emergis. "This is in line with Emergis' mission to provide health care professionals with collaborative tools which enhance clinical decision-making, resulting in improved patient outcomes. Moreover, it demonstrates our company's unique ability to help sites, communities, regions, and provinces collectively provide better care."

The Champlain LHIN has rolled out the Oacis EMPI in stages across fifteen sites, with Ottawa-based Montfort Hospital in the final group. In addition to the EMPI project, Montfort engaged DINMAR to help the hospital implement the Province of Ontario's Wait Time Information System (WTIS) along with its linkage to the Province's EMPI through the Oacis EMPI.

"We are very enthusiastic about participating in such a worthwhile regional effort," said Gerald R. Savoie, President and Chief Executive Officer of Montfort Hospital. "The Oacis EMPI has already proved that linking patient records across broad geographic area helps clinical practitioners provide more rapid and safer care. It is important that Montfort Hospital contributes to this higher standard. Moreover, success within a region with significant English and French-speaking communities inspires great confidence within hospital staff, administrators and, more importantly, our clients and patients."

Oacis EMPI has a successful track record in other large-scale jurisdictions such as the State of South Australia, as well as in more focused integrated delivery networks (IDN) such as two university medical centres in Montreal, Quebec, and a large IDN in Dallas, Texas.

About Montfort Hospital

Montfort Hospital is a 189-bed community-oriented hospital which will double in size by the fall of 2009. The hospital is known across Canada and throughout the province of Ontario for its efficient operations and excellence in patient care and services. It plays a vital role in Ontario's Francophone community, providing health care in both official languages and serving as a Francophone teaching hospital. For more information, visit: www.hopitalmontfort.com.


DINMAR, a wholly owned subsidiary of Emergis Inc., is a leading North American provider of health care information technology solutions. The Company provides a diverse array of professional services such as strategic planning, implementation services, change management, and custom software engineering in addition to its health care-specific commercial software applications. Based in Ottawa, Canada, the Company has regional branches in Toronto, Edmonton, Melbourne, and Northern California. For more information, visit www.dinmar.com.

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