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October 15, 2009 10:01 ET

Diplomas and Train to Gain Must Not Go to Waste Post Election According to Perspective

Education Initiatives Must Not Be Neglected By New Government Says Software Provider

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 15, 2009) - The current government's Train to Gain and 14-19 Diploma initiatives must not go to waste under any potential new regime according to Perspective, a leading authority on distributed learning and training monitoring.

The new qualifications, implemented by Labour over the last few years, have had a turbulent start to their time in education, with doubts from many parties over the value of the awards and criticism over their quality and relevancy hindering their progress.

However, following the release of the latest set of results, and the introduction of a number of new Diploma and Train to Gain courses for prospective students to choose from, Perspective has argued that the qualifications deserve to have their chance of success, intimating that a new party in Government must be prepared to support this and not undo what the current regime has already achieved.

Jim Davis, CEO of Perspective, said: "The success of the newer academic qualifications has been partly down to the extended support that they have received from the current government, so it is important that if a new party wins the next election, they continue to back the Train to Gain and 14-19 Diploma courses in the future to aid its success."

Perspective currently provides two software platforms that aid the training and monitoring of students. CLM (Collaborative Learning Manager) supports the 14-19 Diploma by allowing both students and their academic institutions to access a wide variety of information including training reports, attendance records and personal goals and achievements.

Sunesis is a unique apprentice training system, providing the skills sector with a plethora of tools for managing learners on apprenticeships and Train to Gain courses. Sunesis eases the pressure brought on by a sustained government drive for apprenticeships by efficiently linking the partners involved in the constantly evolving distributed learning landscape, enabling them to track the progression of individuals and the course itself.

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