April 15, 2009 15:22 ET

DirectCPV Contextual Ad Program Announces Official Launch

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - April 15, 2009) - DirectCPV (, a contextual advertising software platform for Advertisers and Publishers, is pleased to announce their official launch to the online marketplace. DirectCPV converts visitors into buyers using targeted traffic based on keywords, URLs and countries.

Using sophisticated behavioral technology, DirectCPV provides Advertisers with both broad or exact target matching to meet their marketing goals. DirectCPV Advertisers reach consumers interested in products or services by displaying content relating to the user's chosen keywords and content related URLs. Publishers employing DirectCPV monetize traffic by catering to consumers' desires, generating revenue with their pop audience.

"DirectCPV is a powerful contextual advertising software platform and we are excited to offer its wide range of applications to Advertisers and Publishers," said Theng Kuoch, Director of Strategic Partnerships at DirectCPV. "Our Cost Per View (CPV) model maximizes the effectiveness of campaigns, delivering potential customers exactly at the moment when they are interested in an Advertiser's product or service. With DirectCPV, clients instantly bypass the competition -- because qualified consumers are taken directly to your door."

It's simple. When consumers pick keywords or URLs that correspond to a product or service that an advertiser is selling, there is a natural marriage of interests. Users' own desires pre-qualify them as customers; then only advertising that contextually fits is displayed. DirectCPV provides a myriad of targeting options. Choose an audience by keywords, URLs or countries. With an advanced bidding platform, DirectCPV improves conversion while lowering costs. And, international traffic inventory is available in all countries.

DirectCPV provides an excellent customer support team to back the platform. Experts in both software and contextual advertising support, the team's sole function is to ensure Advertiser and Publisher success. Coupled with the platform's real-time tracking of marketing campaigns, Advertisers immediately realize why DirectCPV boasts a higher rate of return (ROI) than industry competitors.

Reach millions of customers now with DirectCPV. Explore all the business opportunities available with DirectCPV by visiting or email an account representative at to learn more about it today.

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