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December 10, 2012 09:44 ET

Directorate Changes

                                       Ronaldsway Private Equity Plc
                                              ("The Company")
                                            Directorate Changes

Ronaldsway is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Andrew (Andy) Saad Mawfek Hasoon, as a Director of
the Company, with immediate effect.

Andy Hasoon, has been involved in technology and education companies for over 20 years. In 1999, he set up, a business which specialised in IT training and in 2003, he founded 50 Lessons, which was
acquired by in 2011. In 2010, Andy founded and became CEO of Milamber Group Limited
("Milamber"), which is a company which incubates technology and education focused businesses or projects.

Andy Hasoon said, "Over the past 2 years, Milamber has  helped raise millions of pounds to fund companies.
In addition, Milamber has been involved in a number of merger and acquisitions. The Milamber team has
secured several grants from various organisations such as the Technology Strategy Board, Singapore Media
Development Agency, and the EU. We have put in place strategic partnerships with corporations to help
accelerate and deliver growth objectives in early stage companies. Plus, we have secured various types of
equity funding from a range of sources including sophisticated investors under the Enterprise Investment
Scheme (EIS), via VCT funds, Institutional Investors, and Venture Capital funding in order to help develop
technology and education focused businesses or projects. I look forward to bringing this expertise to
Ronaldsway Private Equity plc".

Mr Grahame Rose has handed in his resignation with immediate effect. The Board would like to thank Grahame
for his contribution to the Company and wishes him success in his future endeavours.

Additional Disclosures

In accordance with the PLUS Rules, the following information required to be disclosed is set out below.

As well as that of the Company, Mr. Hasoon holds or has held the following directorships or has been a
partner in the following partnerships within the five year period prior to this announcement:

Current Directorships                                  Past Directorships
Milamber Group Limited                                 Soundbridge Group Limited
Milamber Investments Limited                           Soundbridge (UK) Limited
Milamber Limited                                       Soundbridge Media Limited
Milamber Digital Limited                               Escrow 150812 Limited
Milamber Media Limited                                 Fifty Lessons Limited
Mintsage Limited                                       Fifty Lessons (North America Distribution) Limited
                                                       LES50NS Limited
                                                       LES50NS (Productions) Limited
                                                       LES50NS (North America) Limited
                                                       NetMedia Digital Media research and Practice Limited
                                                       Milamber Consulting Limited
                                                       WeWin Media Limited
                                                       Global Professional Publishing Limited
                                                       NetMedia Digital Media research and Practice Limited
                                                       Vivoly Limited
                                                       WeWin Media Limited
                                                       Global Professional Publishing Limited
                                                       Soundbridge Asia Limited
                                                       Insight Learning Media Limited
                                                       Soundbridge International Inc
                                                       Soundbridge US LLC
                                                       Truman Company Inc
                                                       50 Lessons LLC
                                                       DLM 2011 Limited
                                                       Intellego PDP Limited
                                                       Digital Learning Marketplace Plc
                                                       DLM Content Ltd
                                                       DLM IP Ltd
                                                       DLM USA Ltd
                                                       DLM Channel Ltd
                                                       DLM Professional Services Ltd
                                                       DLM Products Ltd
                                                       The Serious Sales Game Company Limited
                                                       PIXELearning Limited
The following companies were put into administration within two years of Mr Hasoon resigning as a

IHD (2001) Limited from which Andy resigned in April 2002, entered into a creditors voluntary liquidation
in September 2002; and CourseLeader UK Limited, where Andy ceased to be a director from June 2001, entered
into creditors voluntary liquidation in May 2002. Both companies are now dissolved.

Andy  Hasoon  resigned  his  position as a Director of Digital Learning Marketplace  plc  ("DLM  Plc")  and
associated group subsidiaries, on 7th August 2012, to pursue other business interests. DLM Plc was pursuing
a  "buy  and  build"  strategy  which  was  predicated upon its ability  to  raise  significant  funds  for
acquisitions. Given its inability to raise these funds due to market conditions, the Directors decided that
the  Company strategy would be revised. On the 3rd December 2012, DLM Plc entered into a company voluntary
arrangement  and  resolutions were passed for the company to be renamed Shidu Capital Plc, adopt a new
investment policy including funding for the new strategy going forward. At the same AGM, approval was given
for  the  disposal of various assets under the Sale Agreement with LeoPink Ltd, which included the historic
core  e-learning  business, intellectual property and related equipment. All of the company's  subsidiaries
active  and  dormant have been put into liquidation these include: DLM 2011 Limited, PIXELearning  Limited,
PIXELearning Singapore Pte Ltd (incorporated in the Republic Of Singapore), The Serious Sales Game  Company
Limited, DLM Channel Ltd, DLM Content Ltd, DLM IP Ltd, DLM Products Ltd, DLM Professional Services Ltd, DLM
USA Ltd, Intellego PDP Limited, and DLM Asia Ltd, which was incorporated in Hong Kong.

The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.


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