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June 16, 2008 02:15 ET

Directors' Shareholding - Issue of Warrants

                                                                                          16 June 2008
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                             Directors' Shareholdings - Issue of Warrants

Following  the appointment of Per Gunnar Loge as Chief Executive and Erik Jorgensen as a Non Executive
Director,  the  Board has approved the issue to directors of warrants exercisable into  the  Company's
shares at the mid market price at close of business on 13 June 2008 as detailed below:

    Warrantholder        No. of Warrants      Exercise Price      Vesting Date         Expiry Date
Tranche 1:  
Chris Foss                   250,000              31.5p            16/06/2008          16/06/2013
Erik Jorgensen               125,000              31.5p            16/06/2008          16/06/2013
Ian Livingstone              125,000              31.5p            16/06/2008          16/06/2013
Loge Resources AS*           500,000              31.5p            16/06/2008          16/06/2013
Derek Musgrove               250,000              31.5p            16/06/2008          16/06/2013
Tranche 2: 
Loge Resources AS*           500,000              31.5p            01/07/2009          01/07/2014
Tranche 3:
Loge Resources AS*           500,000              31.5p            01/07/2010          01/07/2015

*  Per  Gunnar Loge, Chief Executive of ATI, is Chairman, Chief Executive and majority shareholder  in
Loge Resources AS.

In  addition  to  the  above, the Board has approved the award of a further 1.75 million  warrants  to
directors  that  will vest upon the admission of the Company's ordinary shares to trading  on  AIM  or
another stock exchange. These warrants will expire five years after vesting.

These  new  warrants  have been issued as a continuation of the Board's policy of providing  primarily
performance based incentives to Directors.

               The Directors of the Issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.
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