SOURCE: Disaster Recovery America L.L.C.

February 19, 2007 13:06 ET

Disaster Recovery America (DRA) Launches Its New, Innovative, Web-Based, Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Planning Solution for American Families

ST. LOUIS, MO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 19, 2007 -- Today, Disaster Recovery America released their new web-based disaster recovery resource center at DRA's comprehensive family safety offering streamlines the disaster recovery planning process by efficiently structuring and combining instructional, educational, research, and planning materials in one place. DRA's family safety solution also includes a secure and encrypted database to safely store plan content and upload important family documents.

Individual family member clients are provided 24/7 secure access to their private and individually tailored disaster recovery resource center, which contains a comprehensive and feature rich toolset used for developing and maintaining their disaster recovery plan.

John Lazare, DRA's executive director, noted, "Our research shows the 3 main reasons less than 5% of U.S. families have developed disaster plans are:

1) The information required is too fragmented and time consuming
   to assemble.
2) Available family disaster planning documentation is confusing,
   incomplete, and doesn't offer a secure storage and retrieval solution.
3) A good number of American families still possess a false sense of
   entitlement toward family safety and feel they are immune
   from disaster."
John commented further that, "We knew in order for our service to have real value and appeal to the average American family, it had to be secure, efficient and affordable. DRA's proprietary security measures provide the strongest client protection available. Our intelligently designed client resource center allows American families to complete their individual disaster recovery plans in a condensed timeframe, and our affordable ($5 a month) membership fee places disaster recovery insurance within just about anyone's reach."

Recently, George Moore, DRA's director of marketing, stated, "We designed our resource center structure and content around a proven and tested emergency/disaster planning and deployment model. Our finished product gives American families affordable access to a 1 stop, comprehensive, disaster recovery planning resource. Our product's efficient structure and proven effectiveness completes the family safety planning circle and makes us unique as a disaster recovery service provider."

The company began design and development of their disaster recovery resource center in January 2005. DRA has devoted the last 6 months to field testing, refining, and enhancing the finished product. More than 100 families participated in the field testing.

DRA is also aggressively pursuing the creation of electronic links and partnerships with national insurance, financial, and prescription drug companies in an effort to control membership rates and further enhance product benefits for their clients.

The world we live in has changed dramatically as a result of natural and man-made disasters over the last 10 years. Our country's growing unpopularity across the globe, the devastating 2005 hurricane season, imminent earthquake predictions, west coast mudslides and wildfires, and the World Trade Center destruction, are just a few examples of the dangers each of us face everyday. These recent events warrant additional consideration, and hopefully a call to action for American families to develop comprehensive disaster recovery safety plans.

The likelihood of an American family to experience a disaster has never been greater.

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