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September 17, 2007 10:18 ET

Disaster Recovery Becoming a Growing Concern for Business Telecommunications

Unimax 2nd Nature Leverages Telecommunications to Protect Against Business Interruptions

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - September 17, 2007) - Disasters -- both natural and man-made -- can swiftly and easily disrupt a business' ability to conduct its operations. Unimax, an industry-leading provider of enterprise voice administration applications, says its 2nd Nature telecommunications administration software protects vital communications links -- including telephony and voice messaging -- a frequently overlooked aspect of many organizations' disaster recovery planning.

Known for its ability to help streamline the management of complex, multi-vendor voice and voice messaging networks, 2nd Nature is a crucial piece of the enterprise communication system for many large organizations. And now, some have discovered how easy it is to use 2nd Nature to ensure uninterrupted operations when disasters or business disruptions occur -- especially by using voice mail systems that link employees together and form the foundation for continuing business activities.

"Voice communications is a mission-critical activity for most organizations," said Tim Butler, CEO for Unimax. "If employees lose the ability to communicate, operations can be severely degraded or even grind to a halt. That's why protecting voice communications infrastructures should be an important part of disaster recovery planning."

One U.S. government agency found that their disaster preparedness paid off. It was two years ago this week when Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the Louisiana coast. The agency had to evacuate some 2,150 employees from its New Orleans office. One of the agency's critical priorities was maintaining contact with employees, and also helping employees keep in touch with loved ones and friends who were scattered by the storm. Uninterrupted voice messaging through 2nd Nature was the key.

The process was remarkably simple yet powerful in its results. The Unimax patented technology was able to remove important data securely from the New Orleans voice mail equipment and effectively duplicate it onto another piece of equipment in Dallas. New Orleans employees could then dial into the Dallas server from wherever they were, using an 800 number, to leave and receive messages. Without 2nd Nature, the agency would have been required to manually enter the new user profile information into the Dallas server - a process it estimates would have taken several employees days to complete. Meanwhile, New Orleans employees would have been left without the link to each other and to the outside world that was so critically important in the first few days after Katrina hit.

The experience of the government agency serves as a clear example of why protecting voice communication infrastructures should be an important part of an organization's disaster recovery planning. It also demonstrates the value that Unimax 2nd Nature delivers by turning existing telecommunications infrastructure, such as messaging servers and PBXs, into key components for minimizing business disruptions after a disaster strikes. 2nd Nature extends the value of your communications hardware investment by providing greater utility and business continuity protection.

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