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October 07, 2013 09:00 ET

Disconnect Search Lets Users Search Privately on Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Former Google and NSA Engineers Develop Software to Protect Searches From Being Tracked by Search Engines, Internet Service Providers, and Thousands of Websites

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 7, 2013) - Disconnect, a leading developer of popular consumer privacy and security software, today launched its newest service: Disconnect Search (

Developed by an ex-NSA engineer and three ex-Google engineers over the last year, Disconnect Search allows users to easily keep searches private without having to change their behavior. Unlike other private search solutions, Disconnect Search was designed so people can continue to use the web's most popular search engines. Disconnect's patent-pending technology also enables users to conduct private searches seamlessly through their browser's omnibox or address bar.

"There aren't many things more personal than what you search for online," says Disconnect co-founder Casey Oppenheim. "But your searches are anything but private -- search engines, and even websites and Internet service providers, can save your searches and connect them to your real name through your user accounts."

"Even if you never log into an account," adds Disconnect CTO and former NSA engineer Patrick Jackson, "search engines and many websites typically save your searches and connect them to an IP address, which can allow companies to uniquely identify your computer."

Disconnect Search protects users' privacy in four ways: (1) search queries are routed through Disconnect's servers, which makes the queries look like they're coming from Disconnect instead of a specific user's computer; (2) search engines are prevented from passing keywords to the sites that are visited from search results pages; (3) all queries are encrypted, which prevents ISPs from seeing them; and (4) Disconnect doesn't log any keywords, personal information, or IP addresses.

Disconnect Search includes the following features:

  • Native results -- Users can stay private and get results from their favorite search engine.
  • Familiar experience -- Users can search directly through their omnibox or address bar.
  • Privacy everywhere -- Users can search privately all the time, from anywhere they'd typically search, including their search engine's homepage and results pages.

Disconnect Search is available to install for the Chrome and Firefox browsers at

A video about how Disconnect Search works can be viewed at

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Disconnect was founded on a basic principle: that people should have the freedom to move about the Internet -- and their lives -- without anyone else looking over their shoulder. The company was started in 2011 by a former Google engineer and a consumer-rights attorney.

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