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September 27, 2013 04:30 ET

Discover Baijiu exclusively available from Alexander & James

The Chinese spirit collector's item

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Sept. 27, 2013) - When raising a celebratory toast or offering a respectful gift, most Chinese will turn to baijiu, China's most popular spirit. Rich in heritage and full-bodied, this distilled white spirit often draws blank stares from the uninitiated.

Baijiu, a potent spirit made from sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat and maize, ferments in earthenware jars for two to three months. Similar to eau de vie, fans of baijiu savour this strong spirit in small portions during or after a meal.

Luxury baijiu, Shui Jing Fang

More than 3,000 distilleries in China produce baijiu, but only select distilleries offer truly refined versions of the spirit. Beautifully packaged, luxury distillations of baijiu are quite popular among connoisseurs and collectors. The luxury bottles often bear intricate paintings and carvings.

Among the handful of the premium luxury baijiu brands is Shui Jing Fang. The oldest continuous operating baijiu distillery in China, Shui Jing Distillery has produced luxury baijiu through the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties and boasts over 600 years of heritage. China's National Cultural Relics Bureau has certified Shui Jing Distillery as "China's First Baijiu Distillery", with its historical significance on par with the Terracotta Army of Xi'an.

Online premium spirits retailer Alexander and James is a luxury online shopping platform for drinks connoisseurs and gift buyers nationwide. It will now exclusively offer four varieties of luxury baijiu, Shui Jing Fang Scholar Edition, Shui Jing Fang Classic, Shui Jing Fang Forest Green and Shui Jing Fang Wellbay. Each variety brings its own special flavours, characteristics and heritage to the Alexander and James premium drinks portfolio. The site recreates the grand experience of a deluxe department store and delivers premium, beautifully packaged spirits and accessories to your door.

About Alexander & James

Alexander & James is new on the internet, but has over half a century of real life craftsmanship and heritage behind it, as a proud part of Diageo, the world's leading spirits company. The Alexander & James name is a tribute to two of the grandest spirits masters ever - Alexander Walker II and James Buchanan. Exclusively to the UK and Germany for now, Alexander & James will soon be launching in other selected markets across Europe. For more information on Alexander & James visit about-us or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Alexander & James values quality over quantity, including responsible consumption of spirits. Visit for information and tools to promote responsible drinking.

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