British Gas

British Gas

October 08, 2012 05:00 ET

Discover Some Energy Saving Tips to Help Your Home Become More Energy Efficient-and Lower the Cost of Your Bills!

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 8, 2012) - The rising cost of living is one of the main concerns for many Britons, according to a recent study. With monthly bills rising all the time, many of us are finding our monthly budget is getting tighter and tighter. So, how can consumers know the best course of action to take when trying to save money on these essential bills?

During the colder winter months, energy bills are one of the biggest expenses for many of us. Luckily, there are some easy and effective ways to save money on your gas and electricity by implementing a few simple measures.

Luckily for customers, British Gas has a range of energy tariffs that provide excellent value for money, as well as a wealth of knowledge gained through years of experience, to help people's homes become more energy efficient.

British Gas electricity prices and low gas prices can be taken advantage of through fixed and variable plans to suit everyone's energy and - most importantly - budgetary needs.

Meanwhile make sure to use these energy-saving tips to keep your bills as low as possible:

  • Only fill the kettle and pans with as much water as you need

  • Keep your fridge between the ideal 3°C to 5°C and don't leave the door on it open for longer than necessary

  • Always use a full load in the washing machine and try to use economy settings

  • Turn your heating down by 1°C and use the timer rather than the thermostat to turn it on and off

  • Put draught excluders around the doors and windows and use heavy or thermal curtains in the winter

With competitive price plans and tonnes of help and advice available, the question why to choose British Gas, answers itself.

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