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January 03, 2011 10:00 ET Launches New Body Memory Newsletter and Weight Loss Plan for 2011

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - January 3, 2011) - To celebrate the recent New Year's Holiday, EP Enterprises and are releasing a new and very unique health and fitness ezine that takes a different approach to quick and easy natural weight lossHow to lose weight fast? EP Enterprises is an online resource company that delivers up-to-date information with the intent of changing people's lives through products and services.

A surprising fact that weight loss experts and gurus as well as diet routines seem to forget to account for in their crusade to help you lose weight is that your body has a memory of itself. Yes you heard correctly. And the simple fact that the human body literally remembers what it looks like means all the rigorous diets and exercise programs in the world are only half as effective as we really think they are if you don't address this one specific need.

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This can account for a number of people who are going through rigorous diets and exercise, while seeing little to no results. Our bodies have in a sense "learned" to be the way it is. So much in fact that it's more likely to stay exactly the way it is than to change, despite how much exercise or dieting you may endure. If you do not train your body's memory of itself, progress to weight loss and size can be difficult.

However, tricking your body into thinking that it's smaller than it really is can speed up the weight loss process and help achieve desired results more easily.

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