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February 19, 2009 13:55 ET

Diskeeper 2009: Saving Time and Money for Fortune 500 Companies

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - February 19, 2009) - Diskeeper® 2009 has become a must have for Fortune 500 companies. With over 34 million licenses sold, including more than 90% of the Fortune 500, companies have come to rely on Diskeeper for unparalleled system speed and performance.

"I wouldn't have a client machine or a Windows® based server without Diskeeper on it. PERIOD," said James Moore of Boeing, #27 on the Fortune 100 List. "Since first installing Diskeeper I have seen blinding speed and far less hang-ups with Windows, which is a tremendous improvement. The trialware expired and within three days my PC was grinding to a halt and hanging on a regular basis. The standard defrag product with Windows made little improvement and took a long time to run. After the Diskeeper product was registered properly it found over 13,000 fragments and brought my dragging PC back to full brilliancy!"

Diskeeper 2009 enables Windows desktops and servers to run at their maximum potential. It does this completely invisibly in the background using the propriety InvisiTasking® technology. As the only defragmenter equipped with this revolutionary technology, Diskeeper is able to perform up-to-the-minute defragmentation without tapping into active system resources. This increases performance and improves system reliability, extends the life of the hardware up to 3 years or more allowing employees to be more productive. All this positively affects the company's bottom line.

"We had numerous complaints from our users about delays in data retrieval. These delays would continue to grow until we performed a manual defrag of the drive array. We operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so finding the right time to defrag the drive array without impacting our users was always a challenge," said John Hansmann of Time Warner Cable, #49 on the Fortune 100 List. "Diskeeper's InvisiTasking has allowed us to provide improved data access to our users without impeding or degrading our users' computing experience. Since Diskeeper, complaints from our users have completely disappeared. Our IT staff no longer has to find the time to perform manual defrags that always seemed to impact users' experience, they now have more time to dedicate to improving our systems and processes versus just trying to maintain the status quo."

In today's economy every IT budget dollar counts, small businesses to large enterprises must avoid server downtime with the most cost effective solutions. Diskeeper 2009 improves the working environment, reducing overhead costs while increasing system reliability and performance.

"In my lab we can generate lots of data files and a drive can become VERY fragmented (30% or more)," said Tom Rea of Chevron, #3 on the Fortune 100 List. "With Diskeeper running in the background I never have to worry about this anymore! Clearly it has become a time saver. I would give Diskeeper 10 out of 10! It runs so well in the background you forget that it is even there!"

New Diskeeper 2009 is available in all editions -- including Home, Professional, Pro Premier, Server and EnterpriseServer. Download free trialware at For volume license, education or government discounts call 800-829-6468.

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