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September 20, 2006 08:15 ET

Diskeeper Corporation Creates Invisible Software?

BURBANK, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 20, 2006 -- Diskeeper® Corporation announces a new technology, dubbed InvisiTasking™, which may mark an industry-wide paradigm shift in system software. While many products attempt to run invisibly in the background and some strides have been made, complete and utter transparency on mission critical systems has never before been achieved. New Diskeeper Corporation InvisiTasking technology marks the first truly automatic and truly invisible system maintenance technology.

System maintenance such as defragmentation, backups and malware scans are often scheduled for off hours, or during downtime. In essence, this approach is taken to minimize the interference caused by maintenance. But waiting for scheduled maintenance tasks can introduce negative effects between scheduled activities, and it can bring about unavoidable negligence in mission critical servers that cannot be taken off-line.

Someday in the future, could all system maintenance activities be done in real-time as needed, even on critical servers with round-the-clock uptime? Diskeeper Corporation believes so. Such a paradigm shift would mark the end of scheduling and scripting maintenance tasks.

CPU and I/O resources are almost never fully utilized, InvisiTasking's transparency is achieved by undetectably tapping into these unused system resources. Software engineers sometimes attempt to share resources by choosing lower CPU priorities to run under, and past efforts have been made at throttling disk and network I/O. However the goal of truly transparent software has never before been achieved till now.

To accomplish true transparency, one needs to be able to monitor CPU, memory and the more significant hardware bottlenecks of the disk drive and network. InvisiTasking takes a pro-active approach to instantly detect resource usage while maintaining complete granular control over its own I/O, ensuring that it never pre-empts users or services.

Over the past 2 years, Diskeeper Corporation has been steadily reinventing file system performance software with such technology as I/O Smart® and I-FAAST™. I/O Smart was a pioneer automatic maintenance technology, allowing low priority disk access for background defragmentation. I-FAAST locates performance regions of disks and dynamically matches file storage based on file access history. Before I-FAAST, past efforts to map these regions on a physical level were extremely unreliable.

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