Diskeeper Corporation Europe

Diskeeper Corporation Europe

December 14, 2006 03:00 ET

Diskeeper Corporation: Defining automatic invisible defragmentation

EAST GRINSTEAD, UNITED KINGDOM--(CCNMatthews - Dec. 14, 2006) - In today's corporate world time is of the upmost importance. To help us stick to our tight schedule and achieve the optimum in business one needs to utilise accordingly. Diskeeper Corporation has created a new defragmentation software that does just that! But what exactly is defragmentation and how does it relate to achieving the optimum in your business?

To understand defragmentation we must first identify its opposite - fragmentation. Fragmentation can be defined as whole files that are broken up into numerous pieces and scattered to various locations on the hard drive. Fragmentation also occurs through the wiping out of continuous free space across the hard drive. Although, unknown to some, fragmentation occurs in our systems every single time we use them, gradually slowing them down and sometimes even causing them to freeze completely.

What can be done about fragmentation? This is where Diskeeper's latest revolutionary software technology comes into play using a new automatic background processing technology called InvisiTasking™. This unique feature makes Diskeeper the only defragmenter that can truly deliver transparent operations. You simply install the software and let it defragment your computer. Diskeeper 2007 is not scheduled at all and is automatic in the truest sense of the word. It detects fragmentation the instant it appears and eradicates it on the spot. The most significant point is that it will do this without interfering with production at all.

In the past defragmentation software has been designed to run manually. This meant that whilst defragmentation was taking place resources were being used regardless of other demands on the system. This inevitably led to poor system performance and defragmentation jobs taking an unacceptably long time. New Real-Time defragmentation automatically handles fragmenation as it occurs and therefore enables your system to run faster.

The majority of us now own an automatic watch and don't really think too much about the workings of it. Daily this invention keeps on ticking and assists our time management. With Diskeeper's "Set It and Forget It"® , Diskeeper is assisting businesses across the world to solve their fragmentation problems, enabling them to run just like clockwork.

For more information on Diskeeper and our products, you can visit our website at http://www.DiskeeperEurope.com.

Source: Diskeeper Corporation Europe - Helen Bishop -(h.bishop@diskeeper.co.uk)

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