SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

March 01, 2010 13:36 ET

Diskeeper Software Solves Slow Computers -- and Relieves Stress -- in the Workplace

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - March 1, 2010) -  A recent study of 1,836 office workers found that 36 percent cited "slow computers" as a major cause of stress in the workplace. In fact, this complaint was near the top of a list of 10 things that annoy workers most, second only to "grumpy or moody colleagues."

The survey, conducted by Opinium Research in the United Kingdom, also found people speaking loudly on the phone, small talk or gossip in the office, and the use of office jargon or "management speak" to be sources of stress and were on the top 10 list as well.

The majority of the items on this list have no clear solution. For example, a person working in the next cubical over and chronically speaking too loudly on the phone would require a major change of instinctual habit in order to make a change. This would likely not happen with one person, let alone all the people in an office who fit in this category -- especially when offended office workers rarely complain directly to the offender, but only to others. Most of the other items on the list also relate to personal conduct, so would be equally difficult to solve.

"Slow computers" as a complaint, however, can be easily addressed. While there can be many reasons, the most common cause of a slow computer is file fragmentation -- the splitting up of files into many pieces in order to better utilize disk space. When files are fragmented, each and every fragment must be collected whenever a file is accessed. This additional activity greatly slows computer performance, and also reduces the life of the computer hard drive. Of course, the most costly problem affected by slow computer performance is the loss of production by employees, which directly impacts a company's bottom line.

There have been numerous solutions to file fragmentation over the years, with solutions that included manual defragmentation and scheduled defragmentation. However, with the latest release of Diskeeper® performance software -- Diskeeper 2010 -- a whole new approach is taken with fragmentation: the majority of it is prevented altogether before it even happens.

Utilizing a new revolutionary technology called IntelliWritefragmentation prevention, Diskeeper 2010 intelligently writes files to the disk to prevent up to 85 percent of fragmentation from occurring. Coupled with Diskeeper's superior defragmentation technology, Diskeeper 2010 delivers a complete performance solution for every Windows system at every site, and goes far beyond what defragmentation alone can achieve. Significant savings are also achieved reducing energy consumption and cooling -- even more than is done with conventional defragmentation.

While many of the complaints in this "top 10 list" will probably remain part of office life permanently, the number 2 complaint can be forever eliminated -- with Diskeeper software.

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