Diskeeper Corporation Europe

Diskeeper Corporation Europe

January 04, 2007 03:00 ET

Diskeeper's new automatic era, boosting system performance!

EAST GRINSTEAD, UNITED KINGDOM--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 4, 2006) - A New Year is upon us and Diskeeper Corporation has brought unique and innovative software to the defragmenting world. Diskeeper ® 2007 has been released and this new version is already experiencing a tremendous success among its users. So what makes Diskeeper 2007 so unique? Diskeeper 2007 is the first truly automatic defragmenter which defragments files on the go without any impact on the system.

In the past defragmentation software has been designed to run manually. This meant that whilst defragmentation was taking place resources were being used regardless of other demands on the system. This inevitably led to poor system performance and defragmentation jobs taking an unacceptably long time. Diskeeper's primary innovation was that it ran in the background, defragmenting files and free space periodically. Subsequent versions of Diskeeper introduced scheduling, which allowed the user to control when Diskeeper would run and when it would not. It also used I/O throttling which meant that Diskeeper would wait when production demands were using the computer's input-output resources. This therefore reduced the overhead of Diskeeper by utilising otherwise unused computer resources.

With the new Diskeeper 2007 defragmentation software, innovative new technology such as InvisiTasking™, allows you to defragment your computer automatically. This means that all you have to do is simply install the software and Diskeeper 2007 will do the rest. This is a major advancement from previous defragmenting software, where even though the software has worked in the background you still had to schedule it to defrag your computer. Diskeeper 2007 detects fragmentation the instant it appears and eradicates it on the spot. The most significant point is that it will do this without interfering with production at all. There is therefore no longer any need to worry that defragging your computer will lose you time or production, but instead makes Diskeeper Corporations "Set It and Forget It"® trademarked phrase one you can rely on.

About Diskeeper Corporation Europe
Founded in 1981, Diskeeper Corporation(formerly Executive Software®) is the undisputed leader in automatic defragmentation technology for Windows NT®, 2000, XP and OpenVMS® operating systems, producing more than 95 percent of the network defragmenters used in the corporate market and selling over 22 Million licences. For more information on Diskeeper and our products, you can visit our website at http://www.DiskeeperEurope.com.

Source: Diskeeper Corporation Europe - Helen Bishop -(h.bishop@diskeeper.co.uk)

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