Airworks Compressors Corp

Airworks Compressors Corp

January 21, 2015 09:30 ET

Disruptive Technology That Prevents Disruption-Airworks Compressors Corp Provides a Solution for Half Billion Dollar Problem

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Jan. 21, 2015) - Editors note: There is one photo accompanying this press release.

Natural Gas producers have an annual half a billion dollar problem. A recent study, by Platts unit Bentek, done for 2013/14 show producers lost over a half billion dollars in revenue due to frozen production wells. Airworks Compressors Corp has developed a solution for prevention of freeze off, an off grid instrumentation air package requiring no outside power source.

During the production of natural gas, wells in remote locations off of the power grid also known as Unconventional Wells, traditionally use what is commonly referred to as "wet gas" to operate instrumentation, valves and glycol pumps. Wet gas contains water vapor and when temperatures reach freezing, valves and instrumentation freeze rendering the glycol pump useless and causing the well to shut down. The natural phenomenon of freezing is a common occurrence in the operation of natural gas pipeline system and is a serious problem starting at the production well head and may cause instrumentation measurement errors and interruption of gas production.

The Airworks Twister E60 Air Skid is used at Unconventional Well sites. It alleviates the requirement of using wet gas for instrumentation, valve and glycol pump operation. The skid is solar, wind or single phase AC (1 PH AC) powered. The E60 Air Skid will prevent freeze up causing disruption of natural gas production. The use of the Twister E60 Air Skid also negates the requirement to flare natural gas that has been used in the operation of instrumentation, valves and glycol pumps and no longer has the pressure to be pumped back into the pipeline.

The interruption of natural gas production and concurrent failure to supply natural gas on demand can cause irreparable damage to a company's corporate image. Consistent and continuous pipeline gas operations are key and critical factors in today's natural gas pipeline industry.

Avoidance of freezing problems is a good investment and adds to the profitability of your company. The relative small cost of prevention will produce large dividends from a successful and uninterrupted natural gas supply. Increased dividends and environmental advantages will also be realized from increased yield; selling all natural gas produced and decreasing emissions. This is especially important as the Whitehouse recently (January 7/15) announced plans to cut emissions in the oil and gas industry by 40 to 45% by 2025.

DC powered glycol pump

The most common method of dehydration for large gas volumes to prevent freezing is glycol absorption. The natural gas passes through the glycol inside a vessel called a "contactor". The water is removed to a point where the water vapor dew point of the gas will not be attained at the highest pressure and lowest temperature of the pipeline then created by circulating the glycol to a regenerator and distilling the water out of the glycol. The reconditioned glycol is returned to the contractor and the procedure is repeated. Traditional glycol pumps at unconventional well sites are operated with "wet gas" and face the same freezing issues as the well head itself.

Airworks Compressors Corp has designed and developed a DC powered glycol pump (used in conjunction with the E60 Air Skid) to be utilized at unconventional wells. The TEG60 is solar or wind charged and also may use 1PH AC power (single phase AC). This pump will provide uninterrupted glycol supply to unconventional wells.

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