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September 19, 2011 04:36 ET

Distance Calculator Users Travel 296,294 Times Around The Earth

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 19, 2011) - Distance Calculator a UK based distance calculator today released statistics showing that its users have calculated individual distances totalling 7,378,178,694 miles.

To put that in perspective that's the equivalent of 296,294 trips around the earth or a mere 40 round trips to the Sun!

The majority of the trips calculated were started from the USA Distances section of the site (55%) with the remainder coming from the rest of the world and Europe.

Robert Watts site developer said "Data's fun, it's good to look at things like this and step back in awe at the activity on our planet. Whilst our users represent just a fraction of these types of Internet searches it's good to peel back a layer or two and expose a few numbers, when we looked at the number of different location type searches and counted all the times they were accessed we were staggered to learn that they exceeded some 40 million separate calculations, there's a story or two in there and we are going to try and have fun sharing them."

Distance calculator has been running for 3 years and has grown to become a regular research travel spot for people looking to find their way around with visitors from all over the planet.

"People have a lot of choice these days and there's a lot of competition on the web for mapping and related services. If you can't give people what they need, then they'll quickly move on to someone who can"

Distance calculator has had in excess of 8000 user questions since it launched. It believes that it's personal touch helps set it apart from the competition.

Robert Watts site developer continued: "There are a lot of players in this space. We like to think that our personal touch sets us apart from most. Users can contact us for free and we usually answer within 24 hours. People want to know about the places they are visiting and want a little reassurance or advice. We try very hard to give people what they need seeking out useful resources that whilst often freely available may not be so easy to find for inexperienced travellers."

Notes to editors

Distance Calculator is a free service serving the travel needs of people across the world helping people find their way around through a combination of maps and direct responses to user travel enquiries.

Based in the UK, the site deals with a variety of user queries and seeks to give people the distances from a to b. Examples include: "what is the distance from London to Edinburgh" or "How far is it from New York to San Francisco" and many others. People can find places to visit in the UK and soon, worldwide also.

The site offers a range of tools that enable people to find the nearest airport, directions from their location to another, calculate the fuel cost for a journey, work out postcode distance and directions from one postcode to another.

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