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January 26, 2011 07:10 ET

Distracted Driving Safety Alliance Promotes Innovative Solutions, Along With Education, Legislation, and Enforcement in Effort to End Distracted Driving

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - January 26, 2011) - Leading technology innovators and trade associations today joined forces against distracted driving by forming the Distracted Driving Safety Alliance (DDSA). 

The DDSA is committed to working with stakeholders from all sectors -- industry, government, labor, advocacy groups and consumers -- to bring an end to distracted driving. Through education and the promotion of innovative technological solutions, the DDSA will engage and consult with federal and state governments, consumer organizations, and safety leaders on how to best prevent and end the distracted driving epidemic. 

"Industry can be a valuable partner to policy makers as we explore ways to keep our roads and highways safe in a manner that also preserves innovation." DDSA Executive Director Kelli Emerick went on to say, "The time is right for all sectors of the U.S. business community to come together under one banner to develop best practices and policies that promote good driving behaviors."

Richard Mack, VP of Corporate Communications for DDSA member Nuance Communications, said, "There is no question that distracted driving is unsafe, irresponsible and a danger to us all, and stakeholders from all sectors -- government, safety organizations and industry -- should work in concert to address this very real issue. However, we can do so without imposing proscriptive technology bans and mandates." Mack continued, "Technology can and should be part of the equation, especially given the breadth of offerings available today that empower drivers to make smarter, safer decisions behind the wheel."

"Technology solutions need to be a part of any effort to curb distracted driving," said Peter Holran, Vice President of Government and Public Affairs for TASER International. "Since technology has contributed to the distracted driving problem, technology and industry know-how must be an integral part of any efforts to provide safer driving environments and to change the behavior of distracted drivers."

"A constructive dialogue on open standards for anti-distracted driving technologies and in-vehicle electronics will encourage innovation and a robust market for solutions to this very real problem," said Daniel Ross, President & CEO of Illume Software. "Making sure technologies work together is just as important as making sure all the stakeholders work together."

Noted technologist and child safety expert Parry Aftab of Wired Safety commented that "engaging and educating young people about the dangers of distracted driving early on will set the tone for a safer future." Aftab continued, "Wired Safety is a member of the DDSA because of its goal to make sure that new drivers, veteran drivers and those who make their living behind the wheel everyday have an appropriate relationship with technology that keeps everyone safe."

Members of the DDSA announce their new alliance in Washington, DC ahead of the opening of the 2011 Washington, DC Auto Show. 

Zachary Ziebarth of Curb Distracted Driving, a national initiative aimed at young drivers focused on increasing awareness of the risk of distracted driving, participated in the DDSA announcement event on Wednesday. "We're looking forward to working with the DDSA to engage teens and young adults to put an end to distracted driving," said Ziebarth.

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