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April 08, 2011 10:04 ET

Disturbing Facts About Global Food Supply Crisis Revealed in Free Food Shock Report From

THOMSON, IL--(Marketwire - Apr 8, 2011) - The state of the global food supply is at a perilous level, contributing to ever increasing food prices and dangerous social conditions. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization due to the unrest in the Arab world along with the aftermath of Japan's natural disasters, those food prices will continue to increase as the demand overwhelms the supply.

As those prices continue to spike the likely scenario will be further discord and protests across the globe, leading to a more unstable political landscape and a spread in violence. We have already witnessed such activity in North Africa and the Middle East, and with conditions worsening in several countries in Europe the future outlook is grim.

Recognizing the need to provide a real solution to what lies ahead is now offering a free copy of "Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden," a detailed account of what has caused food prices to spike as well as an outline that can be followed to combat these increases. This special report digs deeper into the root causes of the rising food prices and uncovers some unsettling facts about the state of our global food supply.

Among the most disturbing facts revealed in "Food Shock" is the quality of food that is being produced. Not only are we paying more for fruits, vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, etc. but the nutritional value of these items are well below what our body needs. "Food Shock" uncovers the dangers of genetically modified fruits and vegetables as well as the latest trend that has put nanotechnology at the front of mass food production. What's revealed in "Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden" might be shocking but it may also save your life.

"Food Shock" isn't intended to cause panic but rather it's a call to action for those individuals who willingly accept their responsibility to be more self-sufficient and protect not only their health but the health of their family as well. The solution may sound too simple to some but the reality is home gardening can be the key to not only combating higher food costs but also ensuring your fruits and vegetables have the essential vitamins and minerals that are lacking from the items sitting in the produce aisle of your local grocery store or market.

The food supply crisis we are facing today isn't something created by a doomsday prophet, it's a legitimate threat to our very way of life and it's being covered by every media outlet. It is imperative that you take this threat seriously and learn what you can do to keep you and your family safe during these unpredictable times.

Because of the magnitude of the food supply crisis and its threat to our way of life "Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden" is being offered at no cost to those who sign up for the free weekly newsletter published by

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