Fairway Divorce Solutions

Fairway Divorce Solutions

December 01, 2010 18:26 ET

Divorce Industry Expected to Snowball After Christmas Season

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 1, 2010) - Mistletoe kisses and sleigh rides make for great Hallmark card fodder, but the stress of in-laws and financial pressure over the holidays is enough to cause many couples to call it quits, after the Christmas season.

"We expect to see about a 30 percent increase in divorce queries this year, directly after the holiday season," said Karen Stewart, President and CEO of Fairway Divorce Solutions. "The holidays are a testing time. Families spend a lot more time together and the pressure to be happy is high."

Divorce experts are predicting 2011 will be a busy year for break-ups. With high hopes for economic recovery in many sectors, couples who have put off finalizing their splits due to finances, are expected to solidify their separations. Stewart, whose fixed-cost divorce company offers alternatives to the traditional legal system, says mediation will also be on the rise.

"People don't want to waste time or money, so they're looking for alternatives to traditional divorce," she said. "We're expecting to see a big movement towards divorce mediation in 2011."

Unlike the traditional divorce system, Fairway Divorce Solutions' step-by-step process ensures clients are in control. While lawyers provide legal advice, clients avoid lengthy back and forth battles. The division of assets, including money and children, are handled through respective experts at a pre-determined cost. The process is completed on average within 120 days of complete disclosure, saving a substantial amount of time.

"Divorce is hard, period. Not knowing how much it's going to cost or what the outcome will be, only adds stress to an already difficult time," said Stewart. "Mediation and alternative divorce services are becoming popular because people want to lessen the emotional burden and have some control over the outcome."

Clients leave Fairway with a comprehensive plan that addresses both finances and parenting for the short and long term. The business, which started in Canada, is rapidly expanding into the US with locations in California, Florida, Texas, and Ohio. Stewart plans to sell further franchises across the United States including, but not limited to, in California, New York and Florida in 2011.

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