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June 03, 2005 16:46 ET

Dixie Uncomplicates Foodservice Operation Through "Simplicity at Work"

New Approach Showcases Dixie's Comprehensive Line of Products to Improve Operational Efficiency

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 3, 2005 -- Dixie Foodservice (, a leader in design innovation for foodservice, is helping operators realize multiple efficiencies in foodservice operations with "Simplicity at Work" through innovative food prep, packaging and single-use tableware products. With examination and analysis into foodservice industry trends and operator feedback, Dixie explores the opportunity to coordinate its line of comprehensive product offerings to meet the needs of increasingly busy foodservice operators.

Throughout the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) show this week (Dixie booth #1538) Dixie will take attendees through the latest product offerings designed to increase efficiencies for foodservice operators in all three of the major production areas of operations -- Back-of-House, Store Front and To-Go/Carry Out. Foodservice experts from Dixie are leveraging the Simplicity at Work approach to show how Dixie's comprehensive line of products and solutions help operators stay profitable through improved management and streamlining of each key area of operation:

--  Back of House - Dixie products are specially designed to maximize
    valuable storage space through ease of stacking and to minimize SKUs
    for ease of ordering and inventory through multi-functional, single-SKU
    innovations. Products include: pan liners, bake cups, decorating
--  Store Front - Durable and reliable products deliver quality,
    simplify service and help build loyalty among customers.  Dixie
    products - from the counter and condiment center to the customer table
    top - are designed with efficiency in mind. Space savings through easy
    stacking and time savings through less mess due to more reliable
    product are just a few examples of where efficiencies are realized.
    Products include: PerfectTouch® cups/lids, Sage™ cups, plates, bowls,
    trays and cartons; cutlery and straws, and Liddles™ potion cups.
--  To-Go/Carry-Out - More than 60 percent of consumers indicate
    having recently experienced various packaging-related problems with
    their takeout or prepared meals (Dixie Foodservice study, 2004). By
    delivering the highest-quality, durable Carry-Out packaging, Dixie
    further simplifies customer service for the foodservice operator. Dixie
    To-Go products can also be custom print with a company logo or
    messaging, simplifying and maximizing marketing potential for
    foodservice operators. Products include: Kameleon™ Convert-A-Barn;
    Dixie Stoneware™ plates/bowls, lids and Adaptables™ plastic containers.
"As industry innovators, we understand the incredibly demanding schedules foodservice operators must adhere to in order to provide the highest quality service to their customers," said Vivek Joshi, director of marketing, Dixie Foodservice. "To remain profitable, operators must deliver quality throughout the operational process. Dixie Foodservice products are designed to simplify the day-to-day lives of these operators by delivering the most innovative products that are simple and easy to use and help to communicate the highest standards to customers."

Simplicity at Show & Sell Center

In addition to visiting booth #TBD, visitors to IDDBA can get a first-hand look at Dixie Foodservice products in a real-life, retail foodservice setting at the IDDBA Show & Sell Center, located near the entrance of the main exhibit hall of the trade show center. Among the Dixie Foodservice products featured are:

--  Sage Products (Hot cups and plates) - Recommended for Bakery, Deli and
    Meals sections
--  Adaptables™ Containers - Recommended for Bakery, Deli, Meals sections
--  Kameleon™ Convert-A-Barn - Recommended for Deli and Meals sections
--  Liddles™ Portion Cups - Recommended for Deli and Meals sections
--  Quilt-rap® Food Wrap - Recommended for Deli and Meals sections
Increasingly busy lifestyles of today's foodservice consumers are driving a demand for more innovative, higher-quality foodservice prep, packaging and single-use products. The reason is ever-increasing expectations for quality service and the continuing upward trend of consumers eating out for their dining preference. In fact, the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) reports that the majority of deli shoppers are Baby Boomers who visit a location at least three times a week, with convenience being the driving factor.

"Our goal at Dixie Foodservice is to go beyond the role of manufacturer and to serve as a strategic partner to those in the booming deli, bakery and related foodservice businesses," said Joshi. "Trends, customer needs and the overall business of successful foodservice operations are constantly changing. We are dedicated to maintaining the industry's most knowledgeable sales professionals -- and to continually communicating this knowledge to our customers so that they can stay ahead of the curve in both products and trends and experience the highest level of success possible."


Dixie, a business of Georgia-Pacific, is a leading supplier and product innovator of foodservice single-use packaging in North America. For more information about Dixie's full line of foodservice and To-Go packaging products, contact your Dixie Foodservice sales representative, call 1-800-257-9744 or visit us at

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