January 26, 2010 04:00 ET

DIY Influx Expected From January Sales, Says Ratedpeople.com

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 26, 2010) - The number of home owners undertaking DIY looks set to rise in 2010 according to Ratedpeople.com, the UK's largest match making service for home improvers and recommended tradesmen.

With a recent rise in sales of DIY products such as paint and emulsion, home owners are expected to continue to 'improve' rather than move property this year. Home owners are looking at making their surroundings more pleasant in order to re-connect with their homes once again, according to The Paint Brush & Decorative, which has announced that the number of decorative equipment sales for DIY projects is still on the rise.

With many larger DIY projects such as extensions and conversions involving greater investment of money and time from home owners, many improvers often find themselves biting off more than they can chew. However, DIY disasters can be avoided if the home owner recruits the help of an expert, from an online recommendation site such as Ratedpeople.com. Ratedpeople.com allows home owners to take time to research the tradesmen in their local area, spending time reading reviews and opinions of a tradesman's work.

Andrew Skipwith, CEO and Founder of Ratedpeople.com, said: "Many home owners throughout the UK are looking to potentially add value to their property and make it more of a long term investment through DIY. Despite this, a number of home owners who take on DIY projects often regret not calling in an expert. To avoid a DIY disaster, we recommend that home owners recruit the help of a professional tradesman who comes with a recommendation. "

Ratedpeople.com helps home improvers find recommended tradesmen quickly and easily. You can choose from 24 different trades and find tradesmen such as local builders, local plumbers, or a registered electrician.

Every month, Ratedpeople.com manages over Pounds Sterling 30m in home improvement projects with more than 1,000 tradesmen signing up, making it the UK's largest match making service for home improvers and recommended tradesmen. There are more than 55,000 ratings on Ratedpeople.com to date and its system ensures that tradesmen are only rated by previous customers who find them through the site. This results in one of the fairest and most robust rating systems on the web.

For further information on how to source a recommended tradesman in your area, visit Ratedpeople.com.

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