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December 19, 2008 09:05 ET

DJINN Lands in Stores February 20th With a DIY Home Video New Release Success Story

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 19, 2008) - DJINN: AN ANCIENT FAIRY TALE, a DVD/Blu-ray new release from independent filmmaker Shahin Sean Solimon of Giant Flick Films, enters the marketplace with a bang. This epic adventure story based on the classic fables of the Arabian nights is brought to life in this high-definition, special effects laden fantasy film geared towards audiences 10 and older.

In the story, Djinn, an evil genie, snatches Imad from his dreams where he must overcome the three vices of man (fear, greed, lust) during a surrealistic journey through the Black Desert to find his way back to his true love.

Independently produced with a relatively unknown cast, producer/director/actor Shahin Sean Solimon, born in the Middle East and raised in the States, remembers his childhood as these classic tales were orated to him by his Persian father -- passed down from generation to generation. He too is continuing the storytelling tradition intended for his young daughter -- just in a very visual telling. Highly influenced by the great visionary Ray Harryhausen's original 1960s productions, but with true Persian passion, Solimon is in pre-production in the next of a series of these Arabian tales, with a modern day special effects retooling of the classic SINBAD: THE FIFTH VOYAGE slated for a late '09 release followed by ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES.

As an independent filmmaker, Solimon purposely designed a Do-it-Yourself distribution strategy, expanding upon a model that is being more readily explored in the shrinking market of studio films. "With the right product and professional packaging an independent film can be made to look like a studio film and can compete in the marketplace," states Tracy Balsz, indie film marketing consultant. Giant Flick Films has proven this fact with an alliance with DVD aggregator Victory Multimedia, who has a foot in the door to every DVD wholesale buyer. With a targeted sales and advertising campaign to promote the product to the buyers, and a well designed DVD package, the project has successfully been accepted by major retailers and wholesalers. "A lot of hard work and strategy goes into the selling of a film product -- it does not end at post production," warns Solimon.

DJINN: AN ANCIENT FAIRY TALE is available February 20, 2009 on HD/Widescreen DVD and Blu-ray Disc at the all major retailers/wholesalers; and VOD on Comcast and Time Warner's "On Demand" December 19th through March 2009. More information is available online at Screeners and digital press kits will be sent upon request.

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