SOURCE: SYNET Electronics, Inc.

SYNET Electronics, Inc.

November 04, 2009 02:39 ET

DLP System Introduces 2.4GHz Binary CDMA Wireless Microphone for Educational Market

LITTLE FERRY, NJ--(Marketwire - November 4, 2009) - DLP System announced today that their 2.4GHz Binary CDMA Wireless Microphone(Model No. UBIC 2410), will provide school teachers with a convenient and versatile microphone solution.

"We are proud to offer this unique wireless microphone to our customers," says Harry Rhim, CEO of SYNET USA, a distributor of DLP System's product in the States. "This handy tool will meet teacher's needs and characters with modern flair."

This 2.4GHz wireless microphone transmits 2.4 GHz signals. This sets UBIC 2410 above other wireless microphones on the market that use 700~900 MHz. Due to the nature of 2.4 GHz signals, they cannot penetrate concrete walls and cannot bend. This prevents signal crossing. In order to absolutely prevent line crossing, DLP System has equipped UBIC with ID Setting.

This wireless microphone uses a different transmitter to prevent spreading of disease. It is convenience for those who lecture in several rooms. Just bring the personal wireless microphone with you. When a user approaches the transmitter with the receiver, the receiver will automatically recognize the transmitter's ID information. Then you will hear a confirmation beep. It also recognizes automatic 60/80 channels when you want to set up frequency.

Additionally, it is possible to use 3 transmitters with 1 receiver simultaneously. It has a channel scanning function, an industry first. This wireless microphone treats the signal to 16Bit 48KHz digital sampling, an effective noise-canceling merit. It's also designed for rough use. You can drop the microphone and it won't break.

Considering all these attributes, UBIC 2410 is perfect for teachers and lecturers on the go. DLP System is distributed by SYNET, located in Little Ferry, New Jersey.

This wireless microphone is introduced for the first time at the IT Channel USA Conference 2009 held in Santa Clara, CA on Nov 3-4, 2009, organized by SYNET and sponsored by Korea IT Research Institute (KITRI).

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