September 09, 2008 08:00 ET

DMG Consulting Survey Reveals Contact Centers Are Severely Underprepared for Disasters

End-User Survey Shows That Only 36.7% of Companies Globally Are Confident That Their Operations Can Withstand a Disaster or Business Disruption Without Seriously Impacting Customers

WEST ORANGE, NJ--(Marketwire - September 9, 2008) - DMG Consulting LLC today published a new Industry Report, Business as Usual? A Benchmarking Study of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for Contact Centers. This high-value Report is the product of an in-depth survey of 187 contact centers worldwide regarding their planning and preparedness for disasters, natural and otherwise. It also documents these contact centers' readiness to adapt to disruptions caused by internal system and process changes. The Report benchmarks how contact centers handle disaster recovery/business continuity strategies, plans, and testing. It reflects how leading contact centers address these challenges and provides a roadmap for helping organizations improve their performance in these areas.

The Report reveals that the majority of contact centers are not taking appropriate actions to minimize the impact of disasters or disruptions related to changes in their operating environments. Incredibly, 20% of contact centers do not even have a disaster recovery plan. Only 4.7% of companies test their disaster recovery/business continuity plans monthly, leaving 95.3% at risk of a serious meltdown in an emergency situation. Even more worrisome, 60.2% of companies do not routinely test their core servicing infrastructure -- ACDs, IVRs and servicing applications -- exposing them to unexpected but avoidable failures. The lack of adequate planning and testing is disturbing, considering the mission-critical nature of contact centers.

"This survey has uncovered the severe lack of disaster planning by contact centers of all sizes around the world. While an 'act of God' is unavoidable," says Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting LLC, "how a company prepares and responds to disasters is under its control. Enterprises need to dramatically increase the attention they pay to these issues to avoid unnecessary and costly service disruptions."

In this important industry Report, DMG benchmarks the survey responses and defines a "leaders" category. Leading companies have well-defined disaster and contingency plans and test them on a frequent basis. They also monitor and test their core and supporting systems routinely to avoid unnecessary service disruptions. Leaders are prepared to mitigate the effects of both unavoidable disasters and system and process failures that can threaten SLAs and the customer experience.

This study provides best practices and recommendations to help contact centers enhance their disaster recovery and business continuity plans. It provides the steps to cost effectively transition their current operating environments to leading organizations that avoid disruptions through careful planning.

To obtain a complimentary copy of Business as Usual? A Benchmarking Study of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for Contact Centers and learn how to assess your operations and prepare your contact center for unexpected disruptions, visit the DMG Consulting Website:

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