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Motor Vehicle Software Corporation

April 29, 2014 08:25 ET

DMVdesk Now the Number-One E-Registration Provider for California's New Vehicle Dealers

Through Their Innovation and Service, DMVdesk Has Officially Become the Leader in eFiling Vehicle Software for California's New Vehicle Dealers

AGOURA HILLS, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 29, 2014) - DMVdesk, Motor Vehicle Software Corporation's (MVSC's) award-winning automotive registration software, today announced they are officially the number-one electronic vehicle registration provider* in California's new dealer franchise market. DMVdesk was created to provide dealerships with total reliability and streamlined workflow to the vehicle registration process. As an independent, private provider DMVdesk was founded on a revolutionary idea to change the way dealerships operate with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and its compliance mandates. In response, the market has gravitated to the solution designed and proven to make dealers' professional lives simpler and their goals achievable. With DMVdesk's robust software and superior customer service, DMVdesk has gone from a small, unknown entity to the fastest growing -- and now largest -- private provider of electronic vehicle registration services in the nation's largest market. The company is now the proven number-one provider and thought leader in the state of California.

"We are thrilled to announce DMVdesk's greatest achievement this year as the official number-one e-filing solution according to the latest data received from the California Department of Motor Vehicles," said Don Armstrong, President and CEO, MVSC. "The industry's response is a very gratifying confirmation that having superior software is not enough, that the services provided by over 100 DMVdesk associates is what truly separates DMVdesk from the rest of the market. This success stems from using superior innovation and astute leadership to change California's registration industry and truly make dealers' lives easier."

In 2005, MVSC created DMVdesk to offer a solution that would work in partnership with the DMV in order to make compliance feasible and fast for dealers. Operating as a partner with the DMV and its dealer clients, DMVdesk gained market attention as more dealers began to understand the simplicity of its solution and the depth of its support, neither of which has been approached by any other e-registration solution. Today DMVdesk stands as the number-one electronic vehicle registration solution for all new vehicle dealerships in California. MVSC is currently expanding its services and solutions, including DMVdesk, nationwide and will use 2014 as the year to begin the rollout from West to East. More states will be announced shortly with their intentions to utilize DMVdesk.

About DMVdesk
DMVdesk is a comprehensive, end-to-end automotive registration solution that provides all components necessary to comply with title and registration regulations, in order to meet the needs of California's automotive, powersports and motorcycle dealerships. Motor Vehicle Software Corporation (MVSC) created DMVdesk, a proprietary technology solution that was developed to work in partnership with the DMV. Engineered to provide speed, power and complete reliability, DMVdesk is a recognized leader in vehicle eFiling software, training and support across all motor vehicle categories throughout California. DMVdesk is dedicated to assisting automobile dealerships accomplish higher deal compliance rates and restructure workflow processes. For more information on DMVdesk, visit

* Number-one electronic vehicle registration provider determined by the total number of new automotive and powersport dealers currently using DMVdesk as their e-registration provider of choice.

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