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DNA Brands Inc.

May 15, 2017 07:30 ET

DNA Brands to Enter the Exploding Medical Marijuana/ CBD/ Industrial Hemp Markets

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwired - May 15, 2017) - DNA Brands Inc. (OTC PINK: DNAX) is pleased to announce today that it will be pursuing the CBD/MMJ/ Industrial Hemp marketplace after CEO Adrian McKenzie recently returned from Colorado. DNA Brands will concentrate on ancillary businesses in that sector, which are the backbone of the industry. DNA Brands looks to build both a worldwide online presence, while maintaining a physical presence on both the Northeastern and Southeastern Coasts. The sector, while still in its infancy, has a huge upside potential for future growth.

As this market is constantly changing, even this past week Vermont has become one of the first few states to pass a recreational marijuana legalization bill through its legislature.

Until recently, management has been attempting to relaunch production of its two-time award winning energy drink line. After recently going through the corrosive testing process, as well as talking with distributors throughout the industry and majority shareholders, the company has decided to cease all intent of energy drink production and enter the MMJ/ CBD/ Industrial Hemp Arena.

CEO Adrian McKenzie recently met with company council in Denver Colorado, while reviewing and evaluating many different business opportunities in the MMJ/CBD/ Industrial HEMP marketplace.

DNA Brands Inc. still owns the two-time award winning line of flavored energy drinks, and will consider private labeling the drinks if the interest presents itself. However, after many meetings and discussions with management and the majority shareholders, at this point in time, the majority shareholders are only prepared to allocate funds in a less capital intensive market, that has a much quicker turnaround time on deployed capital (i.e. revenue and cash-flowing). We are all in agreement that the beverage market is very capital intensive, where the turnaround time on deployed capital would be better served elsewhere.

In addition, only if financing allows for it, management will consider a CBD-infused drink. However, given with the amount of ancillary business opportunities surrounding the MMJ/ CBD/ Industrial hemp markets, this is the direction DNA Brands will be pursuing. "The opportunities are many and the time to act is now," concluded Adrian McKenzie.

Arcview Market Research an angel investing network focused on the cannabis industry states that by 2019, the new legal markets and "maturation of the existing markets" will produce a $10.8 billion market.

Estimates for medical marijuana by 2025 could reach 50 Billion Dollars. Licensed marijuana growers work with scientific institutions in clinic trials toward developing cannabis strains that treat a variety of illnesses and disorders.

States where Medical Marijuana is legal as of 2017:

1. Alaska: Medical use approved in 1998.
2. Arizona: Medical use approved in 2010.
3. Arkansas: Medical use approved in 2016.
4. California: Medical use approved in 1996.
5. Colorado: Medical use approved in 2000.
6. Connecticut: Medical use approved in 2016.
7. Delaware: Medical use approved in 2011.
8. Florida: Medical use approved in 2016.
9. Hawaii: Medical use approved in 2000.
10. Illinois: Medical use approved in 2014.
11. Maine: Medical use approved in 1999.
12. Maryland: Medical use approved in 2014.
13. Massachusetts: Medical use approved in 2012.
14. Michigan: Medical use approved in 2008.
15. Minnesota: Medical use approved in 2014.
16. Montana: Medical use approved in 2004.
17. Nevada: Medical use approved 2000.
18. New Hampshire: Medical use approved in 2013.
19. New Jersey: Medical use approved in 2010.
20. New Mexico: Medical use approved in 2007.
21. New York: Medical use approved in 2014.
22. North Dakota: Medical use approved in 2016.
23. Ohio: Medical use approved in 2016.
24. Oregon: Medical use approved in 1998.
25. Pennsylvania: Medical use approved in 2016.
26. Rhode Island: Medical use approved in 2007.
27. Vermont: Medical use approved in 2004.
28. Washington: Medical use approved in 1998.
29. West Virginia: Medical use approved in 2017.

*Washington D.C.: Medical use approved in 2010

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DNA Brands will keep shareholders and the public updated as corporate events occur.

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