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November 14, 2006 08:01 ET

DNA Technology Meets Web 2.0 in the Newest Tool for Tracking Your Ancestral Roots

Genebase Systems introduces the DNA Ancestry Project, a website that puts the power of genetics right at your fingertips.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 14, 2006) - It's gone far beyond dusty old photo albums and hand-drawn family trees: Genebase Systems, in partnership with Genetrack Biolabs Inc., has married DNA with Web 2.0 in the DNA Ancestry Project.

The DNA Ancestry Project ( is the latest and greatest tool in unlocking the mysteries of your past. Signing on to the website immerses you into a fully collaborative project that promotes interactive DNA genealogical research online.

Backed by an advanced database and online networking architecture, the system allows users to simultaneously yield results on deep ancestry from as far as 150,000 years ago, while also tracing recent ancestry from as recent as a few generations.

Over a quarter million participants from around the world have joined in the past eight months, giving them access to a sophisticated toolset - suggestive of a ramped-up Friendster or MySpace - that uses the concept of genetic genealogy as the basic metaphor.

"It took us four years to develop the system," says Dr. J. Wong. "It's very powerful. Once you sign in, you're part of a dynamic, interactive, fully collaborative online research community."

DNA testing is the hottest thing in genealogy these days, largely supplanting knowledge gained from traditionally documented sources. Popular applications for genetic genealogy include building family trees, tracing for royal roots, and discovering your "deep ancestry" from over 150,000 years ago.

The Genebase team also takes heed of novel information, such as genetic tests done on famous figures in history - from Genghis Khan to Jesse James to Marie Antoinette - and allows you to determine if you are of any relation.

"More and more DNA information is discovered at a rapid pace," says Dr. Wong. "Every time you log into the Project, the system recalculates you from scratch based on up-to-date knowledge from the scientific community, and the results are instantly reflected in your profile. And that's it - you don't need a doctorate to interpret the information, the system does it all for you."

Participants have access to a control panel that not only displays your own DNA test results, but also allows you to search, communicate, and collaborate with other members of the community. You can find other people and the system determines if they are related to you or not; and if they are, you can determine how long ago you were related.

You can search through the whole community using parameters like surname, uniting with others with the same last name to trace the roots of your surname. You can build and display your family tree as a multi-dimensional tree diagram that displays the relationship between you, your relatives, and others in the community. Other features include forums, a photo album, and a blogging tool.

Perhaps the most engaging aspect of the DNA Ancestry Project is the true collaborative nature of the system. Participants are able to meet online with other family members to form personal genealogical projects. The Project allows you to share your research with family members, collaborate to uncover unknown lines, and grow it as your family grows, passing it on to future generations to come.

Using advanced DNA technology and powered through a Web 2.0 backbone, the DNA Ancestry Project is a powerful tool for you to unravel the mystery of your family tree. "We're moving the science of genetics away from the labs and into the hands of ordinary people," says Dr. Wong.

Participation in the DNA Ancestry Project is simple. You can sign up for an account at, and submit a simple and painless cheek swab to Genebase's laboratory for testing and inclusion in the project.

The DNA Ancestry Project is powered by Genebase, and sponsored by Genetrack Biolabs Inc. Genetrack Biolabs is a world acclaimed ISO 17025 and AABB accredited DNA facility. Other services offered by Genetrack Biolabs include medical and forensic tests. For more information and to purchase a kit, please visit

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