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February 06, 2007 07:00 ET

DNAPrint Genomics AncestryByDNA™ Product Helps New York City Seventh Graders Learn About Their Pasts

Students Surprised by Results; Project Draws Media Attention

SARASOTA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 6, 2007 -- DNAPrint Genomics, Inc. (OTCBB: DNAG), today announced the successful completion of an ancestry project involving five classes at Middle School 223, The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology in The Bronx, a New York City borough, that employed the Company's proprietary AncestryByDNA™ product and which rendered results that surprised some of the students and drew media attention.

The project was the brainchild of Eric Lincoln, a teacher at the Bronx school. The project involved the taking of swab samples from 11 students (nine Hispanic and two African-American) who were selected on the basis of written essays, and a sample from Mr. Lincoln, a Caucasian. DNAPrint Genomics donated 12 AncestryByDNA™ kits and processing fees to the project.

The results surprised some students, who were profiled in stories that ran in The New York Daily News and on New York 1, the local cable news channel.

"I didn't know I had European family," said Sheila Guerrios, age 12, who self-identified as Hispanic but was shown to be 63% European, 25% sub-Saharan African, and 12% East Asian. "That's weird to me." She also said her family was confused by the results, especially the East Asian heritage, because both parents were from Puerto Rico.

Rossay Gomez, age 12, had a similar reaction. Her DNA tested 69% European and 31% sub-Saharan African. "I thought I was going to be Native American," she said.

The study's two African American students were also surprised to find they had 19% and 23% European DNA, respectively, according to Mr. Lincoln. Results from DNAPrint's extensive, proprietary database often show African-Americans to be 20% European and 5% Native American.

"I can't think of a more interesting way to make real the interaction of people in the Americas 500 years ago than with our own ancestry as the evidence," stated Eric Lincoln, Seventh Grade Leader and Social Studies Teacher at Middle School 223. "This project has truly brought history alive for my students."

"During the summer of 2006, the teacher, Eric Lincoln, wrote to the Company, asking whether we were willing to donate kits as part of a student history project," said DNAPrint President and Chief Executive Officer Richard J. Gabriel. "Apparently, he had seen AncestryByDNA™ demonstrated on 'African American Lives,' the Public Broadcasting Program, and he wanted to integrate personal DNA results into the students' American history curriculum. We immediately agreed, realizing that this would be an excellent chance for students to explore their ancestry and give them heretofore-unknown insights into their rich backgrounds. We also knew that this could motivate other students -- and their parents -- to learn more about their own DNA genetic histories and to learn more about themselves as humans."

Media coverage of the project is available from the New York Daily News at, and New York 1 at

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These groups are named using modern-day terms but represent anthropological lineages that extend back in time tens of thousands of years. For example, the term "European" is meant to describe a common ancestry held by peoples from continental Europe, the Middle East, Eurasia, Central Asia and South Asia -- sometimes referred to as "Caucasoids." EuroDNA is a more advanced analysis tool that allows our clients of Indo-European heritage to more thoroughly understand their ancestry. The tests are simple and painless, and an Ancestry Certification Analysis is shipped within a matter of weeks. For more information, visit

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