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July 11, 2006 07:00 ET

DNAPrint Genomics Announces Ancestry e-Symposium

Free World Wide Web Seminar to Focus on Understanding of Genealogy

SARASOTA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 11, 2006 -- DNAPrint Genomics, Inc. (OTCBB: DNAG) today announced a free worldwide electronic Ancestry e-Symposium that will enable those interested in determining their family heritage to participate in on- line discussions with world-class experts in the field.

"Recent publicity and media attention about celebrities who have taken DNA tests to shed light on their family heritage has spawned a growing interest in ancestry testing among the general public," stated DNAPrint President and Chief Executive Officer Richard Gabriel. "The Ancestry e-Symposium will help participants understand the nature of ancestry and learn about the complex issues surrounding genealogy."

The Ancestry e-Symposium, to be conducted on the World Wide Web, will be held on Wednesday, July 19, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern time. The public, genealogy professionals and other interested parties are invited to participate. To register for the free symposium, go to and fill out the form.

"Very few of our ancestors remained in one part of the world; most migrated to different regions. The population interactions and mixtures over the past 50,000 years have been fundamental in shaping modern-day society," Mr. Gabriel said. "As a result, our geographic origins have become more complex over the generations. During the symposium, leading experts will deliver presentations covering the latest developments and thinking in the field of ancestry and genealogy and then will be available to interact with participants to answer basic questions, as well as to discuss complex issues with professionals and the media."

Topics to be discussed during the symposium ( will include the history of various peoples as determined from DNA, archaeological and linguistics evidence and the influence of genetics on health. The presenting experts are: Gavin Menzies, Author, "1421 - The Year the Chinese Discovered the World"; Jason Eshleman, Senior Scientist, Trace Genetics Inc., Ancient DNA; Edward Ball, Author, "Genealogy & DNA Technology"; Ripan Malhi, Director of Research DNA, Trace Genetics, Inc., Peopling of the Americas; Jeff Long, Professor of Human Genetics and Adjunct Professor of Biostatistics University of Michigan, Raced Global Analysis of Human Genetic Structure; Toomas Kivisild, Senior Scientist, Estonian Biocentre, Genetic Variation in Asia; Tony N. Frudakis, Chief Scientific Officer, DNAPrint Genomics, Inc., Ancestry By DNA.

About DNAPrint Genomics, Inc.

DNAPrint Genomics, Inc. ( is a developer of genomics-based products and services in two primary markets: biomedical and forensics. DNAPrint Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, develops diagnostic tests and theranostic products (drug/test combinations) using the Company's proprietary ancestry-informative genetic marker studies combined with proprietary computational modeling technology. Computational Biology and Pharmacogenomics services are also offered externally to biopharmaceutical companies. The Company's first theranostic product is PT- 401, a "Super EPO" (erythropoietin) dimer protein drug for treatment of anemia in renal dialysis patients (with end stage renal disease). Preclinical and clinical development of all the Company's drug candidates will benefit from simulated pre-trials to design actual trials better and are targeted to patients with genetic profiles indicating their propensity to have the best clinical responses. DNAPrint is proud of its continued dedication to developing and supplying new technological advances in law enforcement and consumer ancestry heritage interests. Please refer to for information on law enforcement and consumer applications which include DNAWitness ™, RETINOME™, AncestryByDNA™ and EuroDNA™. DNAWitness-Y and DNAWitness-Mito are two tests offered by the Company. The results from these tests may be used as identification tools when a DNA sample is deteriorated or compromised or other DNA testing fails to yield acceptable results.

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