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December 15, 2006 07:00 ET

DNAPrint Genomics Launches Personal, Confidential DNA Storage Service

New Offering Complements DNA Testing Products and Is Seen as Aiding Health Diagnostics and Investigations or as a Holiday Gift

SARASOTA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 15, 2006 -- DNAPrint Genomics, Inc. (OTCBB: DNAG) today announced the launch of its personal DNA Storage Service, designed to complement the Company's comprehensive line of genetic ancestry products and to ensure the confidentiality of personal DNA data for future testing or personal use.

"We offer this service because everyone should establish genetic profiles for themselves and their children," stated DNAPrint Genomics President and Chief Executive Officer Richard Gabriel. "The Company's line of DNA ancestry products, such as AncestryByDNA™ and EuroDNA™, can be used in this way and to explore family heritage at the same time. DNA testing may also be used to predict individual sensitivities or side effects to certain drugs. Moreover, with the current backlog of cases at various investigative agencies, we feel that establishing a sample file with DNAPrint could help speed up the process of finding anyone -- especially children -- who may go missing. For these reasons among many, we would certainly encourage individuals to have their DNA tested at the same time that it is stored."

The basic DNA storage plan is available at an initial cost of $39.00 and is renewed annually. The Company also offers fully paid storage at a discount for 5-year increments. An STRmap analysis service is also offered for those wanting their DNA to be typed at 16 genetic markers that may be used for human identity in addition to storage. The Company's AncestryByDNA™ and EuroDNA™ products are available separately and can be used to trace genetic heritage among the four anthropological groups: Native American; East Asian; Sub-Saharan African (areas south of the Sahara Desert); Indo-European (Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Western Asia).

"We also appreciate that this is the time of year when people are looking for unusual and unique gift ideas," Mr. Gabriel said. "This service, in conjunction with DNAPrint's complete line of genetic history products, would certainly qualify as a special gift, providing a great opportunity to share a new understanding of one's family tree and help strengthen the bonds between generations."

"DNA is very stable when stored under the proper conditions and DNAPrint is an expert in this area," said Anthony Frudakis, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer and founder of DNAPrint. "There have been many requests from the general public about storing DNA, so the Company has put together a retrieval and storage package that is painless and doesn't involve the use of blood. Storing DNA can be important to couples and families who may want to have their DNA evaluated and have the results reported back to them."

DNA is retrieved using the DNAPrint Genomics, Inc. non-invasive collection product, which in the past has been used to safely collect more than 26,000 samples. Samples are taken from cheek cells using a swab and instructions that come with each kit. The DNA is stored in a moisture-free environment with a quality assurance monitoring program. DNA storage under dry conditions is the key to long lasting DNA. Experts note that microbes, fungi and other organisms do not survive without moisture, so a dry, cool environment significantly lengthens the DNA storage life. Of course, the person submitting the sample retains ownership.

DNAPrint Genomics, Inc. is a premier testing laboratory offering the only autosomal test for Bio-Geographical Ancestry called AncestryByDNA™. The forensic version of this test, DNAWitness™ 2.5, has been used in over 150 cases to date. This experience in the forensic field, as well as work with ancient DNA samples, has developed a level of knowledge and skill that will benefit the DNA storage program. In addition to the AncestryByDNA™ and DNAWitness™ test, DNAPrint offers mitochondrial, Y-chromosome, and paternity testing. The DNA storage program and its upgrade will allow customers to take advantage of DNAPrint's present and future services and products as they become available. DNA storage assists families, couples and individuals in preserving their DNA as the age of DNA testing advances.

"DNA technology is advancing so rapidly that it's almost impossible to predict what the next ten to twenty years will hold," stated Mr. Gabriel. "Storing an individual's DNA may open up a world of options in specialized medicine for those that have preserved their DNA. When new tests come out, if the person is interested, we can screen their DNA rapidly and provide them with new information on their potential response to drugs or to the progression of disease. All of our services are compliant with HIPPA and we maintain the strictest confidentiality."

To order the new services, call customer service at 941-366-3400, extension 230.

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DNAPrint Genomics, Inc. ( is a developer of genomics-based products and services in two primary markets: biomedical and forensics. DNAPrint Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, develops diagnostic tests and theranostic products (drug/test combinations) using the Company's proprietary ancestry-informed genetic marker studies combined with proprietary computational modeling technology. Computational Biology and Pharmacogenomics services are also offered externally to biopharmaceutical companies. The Company's first theranostic product is PT-401, a "Super EPO" (erythropoietin) dimer protein drug for treatment of anemia in renal dialysis patients (with end stage renal disease). Preclinical and clinical development of all the Company's drug candidates will benefit from simulated pre-trials to design actual trials better and are targeted to patients with genetic profiles indicating their propensity to have the best clinical responses. DNAPrint is proud of its continued dedication to developing and supplying new technological advances in law enforcement and consumer ancestry heritage interests. Please refer to for information on law enforcement and consumer applications which include DNAWITNESS™, RETINOME™, ANCESTRYbyDNA™ and EURO-DNA™. DNAWitness-Y and DNAWitness-Mito are two tests offered by the Company. The results from these tests may be used as identification tools when a DNA sample is deteriorated or compromised or other DNA testing fails to yield acceptable results.

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