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February 09, 2007 07:00 ET

DNAPrint® Genomics Senior Scientist to Address Second Annual Conference on Crimes Against Women

SARASOTA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 9, 2007 -- DNAPrint® Genomics, Inc. (OTCBB: DNAG) today announced that DNAPrint® Senior Scientist Matthew Thomas, Ph.D., will take part in a press conference preceding the Second Annual Conference on Crimes Against Women that will take place on Feb. 12, 2007 at 9:30 a.m. Central time, at the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre in Dallas, Tex. Dr. Thomas will also take part in the conference itself, which is scheduled for Feb. 12-14.

"We are pleased that Dr. Thomas has been chosen to take part in this press conference," stated DNAPrint® President and Chief Executive Officer Richard Gabriel. "Our involvement with law enforcement has shown that our DNAWitness™ with Retinome™ 2.0 products, and now the use of DNA profiling and storage for future purposes, can be beneficial in prosecuting crimes against women and can prevent certain cases from going cold."

Mr. Gabriel continued, "The National Victim Center and Crime Victim Research and Treatment Center report that there are 683,000 rapes occurring every year, or 1.3 per minute, yet our experience is that there are relatively few arrests being made simply because law enforcement officials are limited by the amount of money that can be spent on DNA testing. Four north Texas rape victims came forward last year and asked for more DNA testing in order to find and convict their rapists. We agree, and we are going to join the fight to get more federal funding for this purpose. This press conference will provide Dr. Thomas with an opportunity to start that process, and to explain to the authorities in Dallas and to the press how the Company's DNA products can provide them with the tools essential to prosecute and convict those who perpetrate these crimes. Dr. Thomas will also call for more DNA testing by the police while at the same time rallying support for full funding of the annual grant for DNA testing that is currently before Congress."

"We see this press conference as an important opportunity to demonstrate the Company's considerable expertise in DNA testing to law enforcement officials and the general public in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, which is the fifth largest metropolitan area in the United States, and to show them how DNAPrint®'s proprietary DNAWitness™ products have been used in other cases," stated Dr, Thomas. "For example, DNAWintess™ produced evidence that was essential in identifying the correct suspect, Derrick Todd Lee, in the South Louisiana Serial Killer case in 2003. DNAWintess™ products have also played vital roles in the Mammoth Lakes, Calif., murder case and Operation Minstead, which is being conducted by New Scotland Yard in Great Britain. In all of these cases, DNAWitness™ and DNAPrint®'s continuing technical support have kept the trails from going cold and have assisted in guiding the authorities in the right direction. Nonetheless, an essential part of this process is adequate federal funding for DNA testing, which DNAPrint® supports"

The Second Annual Conference on Crimes Against Women is sponsored by Genesis Women's Shelter of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department, and will focus on the victimization of women and improving the response time of the criminal justice system regarding crimes against them. Conference topics include family violence in military families, federal domestic violence laws, cyber stalking, cold case homicide, domestic violence in a digital age and criminal profiling.

Other scheduled speakers include: Anita Woolridge, a woman abducted and held captive for seven days by an acquaintance; David Kunkle, Chief of Police, Dallas Police Department; Jan Langbein, Genesis Women's Shelter executive director; Cindy Dyer, chief prosecutor of the Dallas County District Attorney's Office Family Violence Division; Blais Mikulewicz, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas Division of FBI Criminal Investigative Squad.

About DNAWitness™

DNAWitness™ employs patent-pending, database-driven methods to infer elements of physical appearance from crime scene DNA and to allow forensic investigators to "paint" molecular portraits of a suspect. This innovative forensic technology has already been used in some 150 cases, including the arrest and conviction of Derrick Todd Lee for a series of murders in Louisiana and in New Scotland Yard's search for the so-called Minstead Rapist, a serial sex offender who is operating in an area south of London.

DNAWitness™ determines the percentage of European, East Asian, Native American, and Sub-Saharan African markers in a person's DNA. This ratio for an individual is termed Bio-Geographical Ancestry (BGA), representing general characteristics that can be matched with a searchable database containing information and photographs collected from samples around the world, leading to more accurate determinations of criminal perpetrators.

Retinome™ 2.0 can be combined with the DNAWitness™ product to determine a person's eye color. The Company's patent-pending technology identifies additional markers covering newly identified and informative regions of the human pigmentation gene OCA2. The Company has also developed a Retinome 2.0 capillary electrophoresis kit, which permits investigators to test Retinome 2.0 in their own laboratories, obviating the need to ship their samples to DNAPrint (though that option is still available).

About DNAPrint® Genomics, Inc.

DNAPrint® Genomics, Inc. ( is a developer of genomics-based products and services in two primary markets: biomedical and forensics. DNAPrint® Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, develops diagnostic tests and theranostic products (drug/test combinations) using the Company's proprietary ancestry-informed genetic marker studies combined with proprietary computational modeling technology. Computational Biology and Pharmacogenomics services are also offered externally to biopharmaceutical companies. The Company's first theranostic product is PT-401, a "Super EPO" (erythropoietin) dimer protein drug for treatment of anemia in renal dialysis patients (with end stage renal disease). Preclinical and clinical development of all the Company's drug candidates will benefit from simulated pre-trials to design actual trials better and are targeted to patients with genetic profiles indicating their propensity to have the best clinical responses. DNAPrint is proud of its continued dedication to developing and supplying new technological advances in law enforcement and consumer ancestry heritage interests. Please refer to for information on law enforcement and consumer applications which include DNAWITNESS™, RETINOME™, ANCESTRYbyDNA™ and EURO-DNA™. DNAWitness-Y and DNAWitness-Mito are two tests offered by the Company. The results from these tests may be used as identification tools when a DNA sample is deteriorated or compromised or other DNA testing fails to yield acceptable results.

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