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DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability

February 11, 2013 08:31 ET

DNV KEMA Starts Up Re-Commissioned 1000 MVA Short Circuit Generator

Fully Refurbished Unit Back Online for Product Testing at Chalfont, PA., Powertest Lab

BURLINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - Feb 11, 2013) - DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability today recommissioned and welcomed back its 1000MVA short circuit generator G1 to its DNV KEMA Testing Inspections & Certification facilities in Chalfont, PA. The generator is used to perform high power testing on T&D power products for compliance, performance, and safety. 

The test generator began an extensive overhaul in early 2011 by a repair facility in Virginia operated by Alstom. According to Paul Leufkens, director of DNV KEMA Testing, Inspections & Certification, the newly refurbished unit is in top condition and ready for operation. According to Leufkens, "We look forward to scheduling clients who waited patiently for the generator to be back in service to perform high power, internal arc fault tests of 0.5s and longer. The machine is now in nearly new condition and ready for clients' tests."

Leufkens noted that, "During the overhaul of the short circuit generator, its driving, cooling and control systems were completely renovated and modernized to provide reliable operation of the complete test system: We refurbished the driving motor, rewound DC super-exciter machines, installed a new oil cooling system, replaced the original main breakers with a modern design to completely update the 1000 MVA test line to meet our customers' demand and proceed with further facility renovation. The test generator's rotor and stator were completely rebuilt with modern insulation and laminated iron core."

Together with G2, the other 2200 MVA rated short-circuit generator when operating, the DNV KEMA lab produces enough power to light up the City of Philadelphia for 1 second. DNV KEMA's Chalfont high power laboratory continues to be committed to ongoing modernization of its world-class facilities.

As one of the leading testing authorities in the world, DNV KEMA Testing, Inspections & Certification works with a variety of customers to test and certify industrial and utility components. The 1000 MVA test line will test switchgear, transformers, fuses, insulators, cables and other electric transmission and distribution system products.

In addition to Chalfont, DNV KEMA has high voltage and high power test laboratories in Europe: High Power and High Voltage Labs in Arnhem, Netherlands, and ZKU in Prague, Czech Republic.

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