August 09, 2016 08:00 ET

Do-It-Yourself Information Technology Leader Helps Small Businesses Grow Their Brand

ITProTV Provides At-Home and On-the-Go IT Solutions for Budget-Conscious Clients

GAINESVILLE, FL--(Marketwired - Aug 9, 2016) - Today in the digital age, IT is big business. In fact, global IT services is on track to be a nearly $4 trillion industry by the end of the year and it employs some 6 million U.S. workers. More than that, information storage, processing, distribution, and the problem-solving required when large datasets are involved dovetails with nearly all businesses, large and small.

A recent ranking of the seven fastest growing jobs/industries in the U.S. all are tech-centric -- underscoring the need for IT. Yet despite this, only 19 percent of small businesses employ full-time, in-house IT staffing. The key reason for this disconnect comes down to cost. For many small businesses, IT is a back-office service they'd rather do without in order to save money.

Considering the degree to which technology and small business drive the backbone of the U.S. economy, Gainesville-based ITProTV is the ideal vehicle to bring affordability and scalability to these operations. ITProTV accomplishes this feat by promoting the learn-at-home/learn-on-the-go IT model. How it works is simple. Small businesses can have their IT professionals participate in training through ITProTV and get big-business-budget results, on a small-business budget.

"In today's increasingly fast-paced world, professionals across many industries struggle to remain at the top of their game -- technology changes rapidly, new procedures and protocols are introduced and the latest software upgrades can make older products obsolete almost overnight," said Tim Broom, ITProTV's CEO. "ITProTV blends entertainment, humor, and cutting-edge technology with IT education and presents it all during a live broadcast. These broadcasts, along with our virtual labs and forums, provide up-to-date training on everything IT-related. With the ability to view course content anywhere, all users have to do is download ITProTV's mobile app."

ITProTV courses cover a wide range of areas including CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, Windows operating fundamentals, cybersecurity and cloud computing, Mac management basics, Mac integration basics, as well as additional courses focused on gaining general technical skills and operations and project management, among others. Courses vary in length from as short as 70 minutes to as long as 19 hours. Start and stop wherever you leave off and live-stream the latest programs.

The bottom line: learning should be on individualized schedules. The company's subscriptions offer a low-risk, cancel-anytime opportunity to start learning with ITProTV, allowing members to select the IT learning plan that's right for them. For customers who are uncertain of their long-term commitment, a Basic Account lets members sample course content and watch daily sessions at no cost.

"Whether via web, iOS or Android app, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple TV, no company offers this level of DIY IT support flexibility," Broom added. "Be it individual or group packages, paid monthly or annually depending on your membership level, at-home and on-the-go IT training is the ideal way budget-conscious small businesses are finding ways to incorporate exceptional IT into their business models and grow their business accordingly."

About ITProTV

ITProTV provides an easy, entertaining online approach to IT training. It's the connection that self-study users need combined with the real-world experience that career IT people require to be successful. The company's live, daily shows disseminate fresh, effective content that keeps IT professionals at the top of their fields. We allow these professionals to maintain the latest industry knowledge and the validation of skills through vendor certification exams. Visit for more information and follow us on Twitter (@ITProTV).