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September 14, 2011 09:00 ET

Do You Know If Your Blood Sugar Is Healthy?

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - Sep 14, 2011) - Healthy blood sugar, as defined by the highly respected Joslin Center for Diabetes, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, suggests that blood sugar as Fasting Plasma Glucose -- This blood test is taken in the morning, on an empty stomach -- with a level of 126 mg/dL or above, on more than one occasion, is an unhealthy blood sugar. Also that a Casual or Random Glucose -- This blood test can be taken anytime during the day, without fasting -- that provides glucose level of 200 mg/dL and above may suggest diabetes.

Testing your blood sugar regularly to see if you are in the normal range is very important if you have or think you may struggle with blood sugar issues. Applying the Joslin Center for Diabetes' standard for the healthy and normal blood sugar levels is crucial in identifying what is safe for normal glucose levels.

If you don't have diabetes, but fairly regularly test your blood sugar and are in the range of 140-200 mg/dL, this is considered the High Range of Normal. If your blood sugar is in the High Range of Normal for extended periods of time, it can unfortunately in some cases lead to insulin insensitivity, metabolic irregularity, and syndrome x (metabolic syndrome). If left unmanaged, eventually it can lead to crucial levels over 200 mg/dL. The Joslin Center considers consistent casual or random blood sugar readings over 200 mg/dL to suggest diabetes.

Potentially serious health issues related to blood sugar in the high range of normal (also known as high normal blood sugar) include: stressed pancreas, stressed kidneys, metabolic issues, excess weight gain, and insulin insensitivity (which is where the cells of the body reject and no longer process insulin correctly). If you have high normal blood sugar, it would probably be wise to start checking your blood sugar levels daily and take precautionary nutritional/dietary measures.

Leaving your blood sugar in the high range of normal unmanaged can lead to possible health risks on the horizon. You can learn more about blood sugar and its effects on your body at While there, you can get a nutritional/dietary support chart and also learn more about a breakthrough nutritional supplement called GlucALite® that can help your body maintain healthy normal glucose levels. GlucALite®, when combined with diet and exercise, has clearly demonstrated it's unique ability to help support individuals' normal blood sugar levels giving them the opportunity to live an overall healthier lifestyle.*

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